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Other cool places to make money online

Updated on June 22, 2016


Lets Chat about Chatabout

First of my personal favorite ways in which to make money online (aside from Entropia Universe as mentioned in other hubs) would have to be Chatabout, the overall idea of this site is to bring people from all over the world and to create a forum in which they can talk about anything you could imagine.

There are several different sections on this rather spectacular site of which earn you a certain amount of points, for example, asking questions, gets you 3 points per question you ask and writing a post will earn you 5 points etc.

There are limits to this however in so far as there is a limit to the amount of questions you can post (5 a day) and posts you can submit (3 a day), that being said though there is no limit to the amount you can respond to other people on their posts or questions, even going to the extent of having full blown conversations with other users etc.

The added bonus to this site is that you earn 1 point for every comment you make on your own or someone else's post, question or otherwise, and earn 1 point for every comment other people leave on your posts, questions etc.

Basically creating an environment where everything you do can earn you points, it is fairly easy to attain a lot points very quickly without having to exert much effort, and for 1000 points you can expect $5 sent to your Paypal, or you can simply save up for the $50 Paypal voucher etc.

This site also boasts a rather interesting daily bonus, that doesn't give you a set amount of points for signing in daily, but rather allows you to set how many points you intend on earning within the next 24 hours and will give you something in the region of 10% of those points, making them easy points to pick up etc.

As if the sheer amount of easy points wasn't enough there is also an offerwall which more often than not has some really good surveys and other interesting activities that can earn you a lot of points very quickly.

To end the awesome onslaught that this site provides you with, they also have a thing called double points Tuesday, which you can earn twice as many points for completing whatever tasks on certain parts of the site, it fluctuates every week, for instance one week it might be on the questions and answers board whilst the next week it may be on the posts boards etc.

Amazon Mechanical Turk

Amazon Mechanical Turk

Amazon Mechanical Turk or AMT for short is a rather interesting site to use, it can also be an incredibly profitable tool to use if you have good time management skills and are a particularly fast typer.

Amazon Mechanical Turk offers thousands of small jobs that pay anywhere from $0.01 to $5 for their completion, most jobs take a relatively short period of time to complete and the money you earn from this site gets transferred to your paypal account once you reach a certain threshold.

Whilst this site is really amazing and easy to use, it does have some drawbacks to it, there is a huge issue when it comes to signing up for example, you can sign up to the site and after signing up you have to await approval by the moderators.

Those moderators however can refuse you entrance to the site and are not required to give any reason for doing just that, now to be honest that is all well and good, but it can and has driven a rather large gap between potential users and this site.

But from what I can see it seems to be aimed towards keeping a steady stream and demand for job completion and supply of a few workers, whilst it can be irritating to be denied access to a wonderful site such as this is, it could also just be that they don't want to have to dilute the payments made to those who currently do work there etc.

I would advise sending your application to the site as you might just get lucky and be accepted, the video attached goes into further detail on the site and how it is run, watch it if you wish to know more about Amazon Mechanical Turk.



Whilst being a site that is hard to say and I'm not sure I even pronounce properly in the video to the right,it is still from what I have seen been one of the best data entry sites on the web to date.

Kolitibablo is a data entry site, meaning you press the start button and it starts churning out captcha codes, it is your job to correctly type out as many as you can, for which you get paid, now this is a little job for those out there that can type fast and can touch type as the nature of the site is what it is, the faster you can type the more money you are likely to make.

Data entry sites tend to be sites that people new to the world of earning money online go to check out first before learning about blogging, YouTube etc but it is also a rather good way to get your foot into the door, it provides a steady stream of income, regardless of the fact that it might be low, and can be a great way to kill time for an hour or so every day.

I personally signed up to the site a year ago and have used it on and off since and have earned a fairly decent amount of beer money from it, my advice to you is that yes I think you should give it a try and see how you feel about it yourselves, but I would tell you not to go into the site thinking that you will make thousands of dollars, because you simply won't.

Overall Kolitibablo is a legitimate, easy to use and fun site to make a few dollars on every once in a while, it is a great time killer and can be quite profitable if you manage to get some people to sign up with your affiliate links etc.



Well here is an incredibly interesting take on a social media website, the site Tsu, is more or less the same as the likes of facebook, twitter, tumblr etc, in which it allows you to communicate with other like minded people, allowing you to share your videos, photos and posts.

As with other social media websites you can have followers and friends, you have a live feed on your main page where you can see your friends posts and interact with them through that, you are paid for every view that your post receives.

The best way to gain views to your own posts is to interact with other users, make sure you post to the appropriate areas of the site etc.

This site whilst being rather interesting, does however offer some rather simple problems, they are as follows.

1 you can post 30 times a day

2 you can only have 5000 friends the rest become your followers

3 you can only like 50 posts an hour


4 you can only comment on 50 posts per hour (not individual posts)

That being said, the sites interface is easy to use and well designed, you also have the ability to get referrals that you earn a portion of what they earn in a day to bolster your own income, that little incentive is bolstered yet again by the fact that this is a site that is solely invitation only.

Overall this site has gotten mixed reviews over the time that it has existed, my advice would be check it out for yourselves and make your own opinion of it, the main way to become successful in Tsu however is repetition, make sure you post regularly and interact with other users.

The video named Tsu goes into further detail about the site itself, how to use it and how it functions. This is my link here, check it out and make your own mind up



Dotwriter is the final in this list of places to go and earn money online from and is one of the hardest to actually make money from, whilst it allows you to write about anything that you particularly want to write about, it doesn't pay you in the traditional manner in which other blog sites or write to earn sites pay you.

You earn money from Dotwriter by using it as a platform to sell your posts to other people, which is where the difficulty of this site comes from, you can easily write as many posts as you desire and still not sell anything, having said that though, if you are well informed on the topics you wish to discuss and write on then you can expect to be paid at least $50 for every sold article

Dotwriter has its own standard as well, meaning that writers are placed into one of three categorys, bronze silver and gold, bronze writers can expect $0.03 per word, silver $0.04 and gold writers can earn $0.05 so for obvious reasons it would be in your best interests to write, about subjects that you are well informed about or at least do your research on topics you wish to discuss etc.

There is also a 500 word count threshold, obviously being able to write more than 500 words per article is a boon to you as the more words you have and the bigger the article, the more money you can expect to make from selling it.

The final boundary that you would also have to overcome with this site is the own sites moderators deciding if your work is good enough to be displayed on their shop or whether it needs fine tuning, that being said however they are often quite good at pointing out what you need to change about your articles ie, whether they are grammatically correct or not for example.

It is difficult to say whether or not you should or could make money from this site, but I would advise you take a look into it.


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