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Our Ladder is Our WEBSITE.

Updated on February 22, 2013
skgrao profile image

A qualified Textile Post Diploma Graduate and Ex.M D of a Textile Mill.


We in today's world in business or anything else involving time and money the need is not a posh office but a hi tech eye pleasing website.There need not be any doubt on this.You got to say yes and you have to possess a website,that's where you meet people of any country except the communist countries,if they are closing their eyes they are blind not such small countries as Ceylon or any smaller ones if their is.

To have a nice good website you need what they say a well designed and hi tech looking or in or org.

The name Domain and the selection is more confused than anything like trying to write a book for the first time.There are many in this area of giving us advice.They come in by monthly or yearly payment system like you rent a house.The cost of designing a website is nothing less than Rs.25,000 to Rs.60,000.A friend of mine designed it for free.I don't have a Domain or www.something and I am in or on the internet.

A correct domain is like your own home and a secure one also is the opinion of such people who are in this business.There are big survey's going on by people who pay for advice on your website.

I myself am of the opinion that a very attractive good looking website is always from a reputed trusted company's I know.

Your Domain shows the way your shop board says like,Bata we know what it is.Shares & Stocks also means what it is.Textiles means it is your apparels or clothing.

Your website also must be a moving site with all your products coming up on a fixed space or moving down or flashing and moving.Further it must have pleasing music also a value added website.Color must be pleasing.Female figures attract better.

Then you have search engines,god even may not know but that's not to be discussed now.How your website attracts these search engines and how to make them come after your website is a professional job.You need to invent,invest and import this technique.You can also learn.There are website colleges offering you the training.

You need to enter such websites as Face book,Twitter and many more to get to know things.There is also such things as Owning a Server,hosting a website which only computer geeks or computer experts who are called as geeks can understand.There is and there are many languages for our website to listen or take or hear what we say.This also is the work of experts.

Learning computer language is easy for people in the colleges who study this but not for those like me who know a keyboard and nothing more than this and that.I had great challenge when some body told me that you got to know the computer language.I just purchased a book with the title HTML and learnt few things and still learning.The other aspect of this is key board short cuts.There are so many cuts and curves than you thought of a short cut so long is no short cut for me.It looks like a very long cut.

There is a Flash website and the website itself is only HTML.Static websites are not the sites of big corporate compan's.A Flower seller needs his website to show flashing flowers of all types.The more the better.There may be mix of immages and color also.Again pretty women holding your product is eye catching.

Many WEBSITES are not devoloped and kept like shop boards they are updated and also upgraded.Google did not keep its websites like they were few years back.They keep changing and make it strong.

Logo's of some websites on your website is another plus point.They are of websites like VISA - VeriSign - PayPal.


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