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Protect Your PNC Bank Online Banking Login - Important Tips

Updated on January 26, 2011

PNC Bank Online Banking is Awesome

Ok guys, here is another article in my series for online security. This article is specifically aimed at people who have a PNC Bank Online Banking Login and how they can use these simple tips to protect themselves from Identity Theft. But like all my other articles, these tips can be used by anyone who has a credit card account, student loans, car loans, housing loans, mortgages or other bank accounts and logs into their financial institution’s website in order to do business. If you are someone who makes payments, applies for financial instruments, credit or monitory their spending online, then this is for you. PNC Bank Online Banking is a wonderful tool if used in a responsible way.

Online Banking is About Common Sense

As I mentioned before, I have been banking online for a long time and my sister recently had a problem with one of her accounts that got hacked. Although it was not a PNC Bank Online Banking account, the principle is the same. The whole thing was a giant headache and involved lost of phone calls, being on hold for hours and having a credit history completely destroyed. So to make sure this does not happen to you, all you have to do is follow some common sense and you can protect your PNC Bank Online Banking Login information

Protect Your PNC Bank Online Banking Login

  1. Set a Good Password – If you are the type of person who sets a password containing the letters of your own name or consecutive numbers then please change your password to something a little tougher to crack. Use Both Upper Case and Lower Case Letters, Your Password Should not be a word that appears in the dictionary and it should contain a few numbers as well. If your bank allows you, then your password should also have special characters such as @#$ etc.
  2. Don’t use anyone else’s computer to access your PNC Bank Online Banking account. At your friend’s house and need to check your account balance? Go to an ATM. You simply do not know if your buddy has a secure computer. Viruses, hackers and other malware can be used to steal your login Information
  3. Destroy that piece of paper that your pin was printed on – Remember that piece of paper that your bank sent you with your ATM pin number? Well, if you still have it, then memorize the pin and destroy the paper. If you don’t want to tear it up then keep it in an absolutely secure location.

So there you have it, three simple tips. You will be surprised at how many people have their identities stolen because they don’t follow these basic tips. If a hacker can take over your facebook account then imagine what they can do with your bank details. So keep your PNC Bank Online Banking information safe and bank happy!


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