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POPSUGAR Must Have Box $5 off Coupon Code - Get subscription boxes at a discount!

Updated on May 10, 2014
An example of a POPSUGAR Must Have Box.
An example of a POPSUGAR Must Have Box. | Source

Have you seen the awesome pictures around of the monthly POPSUGAR boxes? If so, you probably want to subscribe. The $35 might seem quite expensive, but when you first sign up, you can use the coupon code REFER5 to take $5 off the price of your first box.

NOTICE: Use coupon MODNIQUE to get $10 off.

An example of a box. Some of the items contained in the December 2012 box.
An example of a box. Some of the items contained in the December 2012 box. | Source

What is the box?

This is a monthly subscription box shipped toward the beginning of the box. Each box is $35, with free shipping, and contains an assortment of luxury items. It is targeted toward women 18-40 and contains fun fashion, home, beauty, fitness and food items. You can also score books, movie tickets and more. Each monthly box is a mystery, so it is like getting a fun surprise in the mail every month.

The January 2013 POPSUGAR box.
The January 2013 POPSUGAR box. | Source

How do I get the Box?

Visit the POPSUGAR website and sign up for the box. After you sign up, you'll be told what month your first box will arrive. If you sign up in the middle of March, for example, you should get your first box in April. Just be sure to use a coupon code when you sign up!

What is the Value?

You get full-sized products in this box. Each box is worth at least $100. So, you pay $35 for $100 worth of surprises straight to your house every month.

What if I don't like the box? How do I cancel?

Simply sign into your account and select the cancel option under "Billing" on the "My Account" page. You do not need to call anyone and the cancellation is effective immediately.


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