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PPV or PPC?: "Pay Per View or Pay Per Click?" - Which One is Better?

Updated on July 8, 2011

Pay per view (PPV) and pay per click (PPC) are two types of marketing advertising solutions which is used by the advertisers to reach targeted group of visitors. A basic introduction will be available in this page. Moreover, the ins and outs about PPC and PPV are discussed in this page and a clear projection between PPV and PPC will be focused.

Know about PPV?

PPV refers "Pay Per View". PPV is used for cost per view advertising or contextual advertising. You will get paid when any visitior opens your web site or blog o forum. Moreover, you will also get paid when the visitor clicks on ads withing the text on your webpage or blog or forum.

Know about PPC?

PPC stands for "Pay Per Click". When someone clicks on your ads of your website or blog or forum, you’ll get paid.  But you won’t get paid even they visit your website or webpage.

"Pay Per View or Pay Per Click?" - Which One is Better?

Google AdSense and there are lots of AdSense solution which pay you based on pay-per-click ads. Pay-per-click is loosing it's popularity day by day and many publishers doesn't suggest to use pay-per-click because of their bad experiences i.e. account freezing for invalid clicks. It's also seen that many people earn more than $100 but their account is being disabled for some reasons. From my recent experience, most of the PPC companies are not paying much for pay-per-click ads. Moreover, most companies are not also optimize PPC ads. The reason for this type of situation might be the negative impact of their business.

PPC ads also sometimes brings lots of traffic or can do the opposite because if the PPC does work badly of your website or blog or forum where the PPC ads are displaying.

"Keyword", the another factor of PPC is playing much for the earnings.Keywords may be expensive or inexpensive. If the keywords are expensive, those are going to the next page ads. It really breaks down the high expected earnings.

PPC ads are similar to Google AdSense ads and the format is quite common to all. As most visitors are quite familiar to these types of ads, now-a-days people are ignoring this type of ads.

PPV is more familiar than PPC. Do you know? In the above paragraphs, I explain both PPC and PPV. For example, you have a website and you get 1000 visitors every day. If you use PPV, then you may get $1-$4 per day. Thus you can easily earn $30-$120 every month. But for PPC, you can get lots of traffic. You may get 1000 visitors every day. If no visitor click on the ads, your earnings are $0. This is the worst case scenario. Is it safe? I think not. Thus PPV has a ig return on investment and people are much interested on PPV rather than PPC. PPV is cost-effective, more secure and always a guaranteed payment system.

For PPV, keyword has no role. You don't need to think about keyword and there is no effect of successive analyzing and deploying of keywords. But for PPC you must have to care about this.

For PPC, you see several ads. For example, you are visiting and there is an ad of latest computer. Say, a visitor click on the ad and it redirects to a “non-working page” or “error 404 page” or other place which has no relevance to the ads. The visitor much not like it and he or she click the back button of the browser and from that time never feel interest to click such type of ads. Thus you are loosing lots of visitors every moment if the ads are not properly working.

Throughout the discussion, it's clear that PPV is always secure because it pays you when the visitors are on your web page or blog. PPC may offers high earnings but it's not risk free. You may get earn much through PPC but you can't tell the future of PPC. If the AdSense advertisers banned your account, you have not say regarding that issue. I think, if you can organize your articles / contents of your website or blog or forum, you can earn much every month through PPV.

@Written by rancidTaste


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    • gmv profile image

      Jeff Vickery 4 years ago from Somewhere, Arkansas

      You need to learn how to spell losing.

    • profile image

      yoan 6 years ago

      nice article thanks!

    • profile image

      Tommy Lee 7 years ago

      Hard to say which is better really, I think they both belong in an Internet Marketers arsenal. PPV is definitely cheaper and can get you traffic extremely fast. There is a big difference though in a PPC keyword list and a PPV keyword list and people starting off in either need to do their research first.

    • profile image

      Alex Coleman 8 years ago

      PPV is the best all the way. It's cheaper and gets better conversions. I use and

    • livewithrichard profile image

      Richard Bivins 8 years ago from Charleston, SC

      Good comparison of PPC vs PPV. I haven't used PPV on any of my promotions but I'll look into it.