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Paid Surveys For Teens

Updated on August 5, 2009

What are Paid Surveys for Teens?

Paid surveys are an excellent way for teenagers to make money online. Hundreds of companies want teenagers' opinions of their products, movies, shoes, clothes, and everything else. Sites that you can sign up for that connect people wanting opinions to you are called survey sites. They provide you with surveys via e-mail, or on the site's homepage. You go to the site and fill out a survey. Some are quick and others are longer. They take from 5 to 30 minutes usually, depending on the survey.

How are Paid Surveys for Teens Set Up?

Paid surveys usually are set up in a similar way. At the beginning, there are questions called classification questions, such as, "How old are you?" or "What state/ country are you from?" these are just simply to see who you are and if you will fit the people they are looking for.

The second part is usually qualification questions. If you are the right age group or gender for the survey, the next questions will see further if you are right for the survey. For example, say there was a survey all about a new type of deodorant for guys. The classification questions will see that you are male and not 6 years old. The qualification questions will be ones that deal with deodorant. They could ask if you ever use deodorant, or how often you use it, or if you have heard about the new type.

If you are right for the survey, then you will move on to the opinion questions. These are the bulk of the survey and are the whole point of the survey. At this point, you have quaified and are almost done. Just fill out all of the questions about if you like the doedorant and what you don't like, or whatever the survey asks of you. 

Then, at the end, there may be another batch of classification questions, like asking your yearly income, or highest level of education. These are basically for statistic purposes only. They want to see if rich people are the only ones that like their product, or if no high schoolers like it. 

Either after the classification questions or after the opinion questions, you are done! A page will appear letting you know that you have completed it and your account has been creditied. An easy $2-5!

How to Tell if a Paid Survey Site is a Scam

There are lots of scams out there, some of which are paid surveys.Here are ways to avoid paid survey sites that are scams, and how to tell if the paid survey site for teens is a scam. 

  • Always do research on the site you are looking at joining, and if you find any websites that claim it is a scam, stay away from it.
  • Never give out your personal information unless you know that the site is trustworthy.
  • Look at their terms and conditions and their privacy policy at length to make sure there is no bad things about the site.
  • Never, ever sign up for a survey site that costs money. The surveys should be paying you not the other way around! There are plenty of free survey sites that will work.

FAQ About Paid Surveys for Teens

Q:Will survey sites really pay me?

A: Yes, if you find a real, legit survey site. There are some that are scams and will not pay you. Look below to find out how to avoid them. Do not be afraid, though, there are plenty of legit survey sites that you can actually make money off of.

Q:Can you get rich off of paid surveys for teens?

A: No, paid survey sites will earn you some extra cash, but you will not get rich off of paid surveys for teens. If you work at it though, you can earn quite a bit.

Q: Are teens really allowed to do these?

A:Yes, some sites allow teenagers to take surveys for cash. Be sure to make sure that the site you use allows teenagers.

Q:Do I have to tell the truth?

A: Well, telling the truth will make sure that the surveys will go through and that you are paid, and lying can sometimes be detected by how fast you take the survey. If you want to make really good money off of surveys, you would have to lie and hurry through them. But, telling the truth is the right thing to do. Remember to use all real information on the registration though, because they need to send you your check.

Q: OK I am ready, but where can I go to take surveys? Where are some legit paid surveys for teens?

A: Check out the top 4 legit paid survey sites for teens. For a list of them and also for more information about how kids and teens can make money, as well as how to take survey faster and with a better chance of qualifying!


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