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Part Time Task - Another Online Scam

Updated on April 12, 2014
Part Time Task
Part Time Task | Source


3 weeks ago my friend in other Social Media Network shared a link about this new money making program called Part Time Task. I don't waste any time, because there's a $25 sign up bonus and $10 every referral link click. I click the link and sign up instantly, the referral link is ready to share upon signing up, you can get your full referral or make it shorten using bitly you share. Promoting this link is easy, I promote this thru Google+, Twitter, Facebook I make also blog just to promote this referral link.

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What is Part Time Task?

PartTimeTask Advertising media are leading online advertising company. PartTimeTask is offering an easy money earning system to users by sharing referral links to others through websites, blogs, social media, Facebook, twitter, forum, PTC websites, advertising sites, chat rooms, email and other online media. Unfortunately, they are the only one who earns money here! They are SCAMMING their members by taking money from members phone when they do the survey. It is a forcibly subscribing to the program by sending messages to subscriber phone daily and take the money from the phone automatically.

Register UI

Registration User Interface
Registration User Interface

Registration Interface

It says on the Registration interface that you will get paid through PayPal, Check, Western Union, Money Gram, bank transfer at the end of every month (you'll see those images in the footer section). But there's no option to change this payment method, you're only one choice is through cheque and there's no option to change this payment method inside of the dashboard.

List of Survey Before You Are Eligible to Request Payout

  • What is your Body Age?
  • Have your Tarot Card Read!
  • Find out your Pilates Body Age!
  • Play 3D Bomberman!
  • Download the best of apps here!

It says that! After completion of any survey, you will be forwarded to payout request page

Payment Method

Payment Method Images at the Footer Section
Payment Method Images at the Footer Section

Withdrawal / Payout Request Problem

I've been promoting this link for more than 3 weeks and total I earn is $305, including the $25 sign up bonus. I was so happy because of non effort online part time job I earn this much of money in a few days of online sharing. The problem came when I try to withdraw this money from my dashboard, I need to complete a survey first before my request will granted this is what PTT say's on the Dashboard "To qualify for this month's payment, kindly complete little survey to prove you are human being not automatic click software bot." Okay! I click and open the survey, I completed the survey but the problem is the [Click here to open survey] still appearing on the dashboard despite of finishing those Survey's. In this matter I make a speculation that this Money Making Web site is a Scam, I read some reviews about this new money making program website and I found out that I am not alone, not alone trying to get their's money from this Scam Website.

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Payout DashboardChoosing Survey PageOne of the Survey Completed
Payout Dashboard
Payout Dashboard
Choosing Survey Page
Choosing Survey Page
One of the Survey Completed
One of the Survey Completed

Members Unpaid Earnings

Total Earnings
Payment Status
Arnold Gamboa
Not Paid
Not Paid
Not Paid
Not Paid
Source: $18,353,800.19 Resolved in Reported Damages
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Return MailContact Us by Part Time Task
Return Mail
Return Mail
Contact Us by Part Time Task
Contact Us by Part Time Task

Part Time Task - Contact Us Problem

When I finish the survey and waiting for the result & waiting to go back again to payout dashboard, nothing was happening long time I've been waiting for. So, I decide to report and contact the administrator, I sent mail to this ID "admin@PartTimeTask .com" after a minute, the mail I sent is returning back to me (Mailer Daemon). I sent another mail to this ID (another from PTT Contact Us) Info@PartTimeTask .com and still the same it's a Mailer Daemon. I try to find the contact number or contact person but not available. How often I do this and still nothing was happening so I decide to leave it for good.

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