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Passion, Finding your Niche, and Making Money on the Internet

Updated on March 16, 2012
Millions of People Make Money on the Internet - I Do, Why Aren't You Doing the Same?
Millions of People Make Money on the Internet - I Do, Why Aren't You Doing the Same? | Source

Along with learning SEO, realizing the necessity of one-way, relevant inbound links to your articles (blog or website), and understanding the importance of writing informative content, you will need one more ingredient to be able to consistently make money online: PASSION.

Actually, passion for your topic is the most important ingredient you need to have.

You have to find a topic to focus on that you are truly passionate about. Once you discover your passion, then you can look for a corresponding niche to begin to dominate - this is how millions of people make money online.

You will need to produce a massive amount of quality content in order earn a living online, and being bored with your content matter equals death for most web entrepreneurs.

Do Not Turn Web Writing into a Chore

Do you know how many people would love to be able to make a comfortable living doing something they love? To most people, this is a dream come true.

If you become bored, you will start to feel that writing is a chore … then, you will spend less time producing content, your online earnings will be chump change, and finally…you will give up.

Worst of all, the articles you have written will be stale and uninteresting because you were never interested in your topic to begin with; and then you will have a stale and uninteresting reputation.

One of the best things about this whole web business, is the fact that you are free to write about whatever you choose.

Why not be a success the easy way, choose to write about something you absolutely love, and then turn it into a profitable niche.

Marketers who target individuals desiring to make money on the Internet are all abuzz about “finding your niche.”

Webster’s dictionary defines a niche as a place or position suitable or appropriate for a person or thing. Your job then, is to find a place or position that is suitable for you to write about.

The vessel you choose to showcase your niche will not make a whole lot of difference in regards to your desire to make money online.

Yes it is true that, post Panda, online writing sites were far more profitable, but things seem to be returning to normal - slowly but surely.

If you have no idea of what "Panda" means, please be sure to read Understanding How The Google Panda Update Affects Your Site.

Whether you choose to produce content (articles) for online writing sites, build a website, or author a blog, you must choose a topic that you are wild about or you will probably only make pennies per day… like most people who set out to make money on the Internet.

Just Like everything else, there is a process to finding a money-making niche...

The Process of Finding a Niche

You will find dozens of marketers who make money online by selling systems to help you find your niche.

Most of these systems are crap, but some are helpful, and some folks claim that they can help you find a profitable online topic for you to write about.

I honestly wouldn't go that route, I would work it out all by myself. Partly because I am really cheap, and partly because I know that the process of finding your niche is simple:

  1. Find a topic (product, or service) you are passionate about
  2. Research the topic profitability (product or service) to find out if it has money-making potential - you can do this with various methods, my favorite method is to the free Google Adwords Keyword Tool (click the link if you want to learn how to use it)
  3. Learn Everything about Your Topic (this should be fun, because remember…it should be something you are passionate about - do not past go until you find it).If you think you know everything about a particular topic, make sure to reference authoritative sites before you write your content - believe me, nobody knows everything about anything.
  4. Incorporate everything you know about, or learn all about Search Engine Optimization (SEO), and Incoming Links, and then write massive amounts of content.

That’s it folks.That’s really all there is to it. If you spend some time learning and producing good content, you will be making money online in no time.

Good Luck to You!

Listen to Highly Successful Internet Entrepreneur Lisa Irby Talk About Finding Your Niche


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