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Passion Over Money!

Updated on August 12, 2016

Passion Over Money

Don’t Ever put Money in front of everything, yeah you might need it to pay for your bills, but you can’t say money is everything, because its not. Money is Great and all, but it is not everything i want, the reason i need the money is so i can be safe for my future, for my family. I want to retire my mom, and just give back to all the people who believed in me, and were always there through my darkest times.

Your Passion will eventually show you the way, you just got to keep going and don’t let negative people or things bring you down. Money will eventually come to you because you are doing what you love! Many people can’t wait for Fridays to come, because the hate going back to work on Mondays. Then on social media they will end up posting "Thank God Its Friday!". These people are the ones who are afraid of making a change in their life’s, and afraid to make jump. You got to enjoy life, and have a passion for what you are doing, and when you find that passion your mind is going to change and you will finally say I can’t wait till its Monday to get back to work! You have to start saying "Thank God Its Monday!" to get back to work, and get bigger and better opportunities!!!

The videos below are from the Mentors that i have been learning from, and have helped me out so much.

Motivational Videos!

Jim Rohn

Tony Robbins

Les Brown


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