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Passive Income With Article Writing

Updated on February 1, 2012

One of the newest ways to generate a passive income on line is with the use of Article revenue sharing sites. There are a number of different article revenue sharing sites that are setup for authors to share their writings and earn a small income.

How Article submission sites Share Revenue:

- The Author Creates an article with unique content

- Submits the Article to the revenue sharing site (ie. Hubpages, Squidoo etc.)

- People come to read the article and click on advertising

- The advertising clicks are split 60/40 with the revenue sharing site

- Passive income stream because the articles, earn money as long as they are published

Here, is the in-depth look into revenue sharing websites for passive income opportunity.

1. Write Unique Content:

This is by far the most crucial part of writing. People love to read unique information. But, search engines love itl. If, you just copy information from other sources what happens is that the search engines will see that it is the same as something that is already published. The search engine will just bury it with the other 300 copies and not put too much importance on your article. So, creating unique content is the number one surefire way to generate more traffic.

2. Keep it Short:

Most effective articles are informative but also short enough so that the reader can get the most information in the shortest period of time. This is true. So keeping your articles between 300- 750 words is probably a pretty decent length. If, you think your topic requires more than that then think about splitting up the information into a series of articles.

3. Write Effective Titles

One of the most effective ways to get the attention of people about your article is the title. If, the title does not describe what is available in the article then people are not going to click on it. Keep it short to the point and as descriptive as possible. This can get your article to the top of search engines quickly and effectively.

4. Research:

This works for two separate things in an article. First, if you are writing about topics that you know only a little bit about, then take some time to research the topic. This will make you more knowledgeable while writing the topic which will give your readers more trust in your expertise. Second, research the topics you are writing about. If, what you are writing about has a high amount of competition it most likely will not rank extremely high in the search engines. But, if you research the topic and pick two to three niche keywords out of it then you might be able to squeak by some meaning full traffic to your article.

5. Write Good Articles:

To increase the chance that your article is written well at least spell check it. I can bring up any number of articles that are extremely spelling or grammer based mistakes. Except they lose credibility just based on spelling. There are a number of reasonable grammar checking programs out there that are useful in helping catch things like spelling or grammar that you may have missed.

6. Marketing:

With every great business, the key to success is letting people know about it. If, no one knows about it then you do not earn any money. So, use a lot of the free tools at your disposal to help increase readership. Things like stumble upon, Digg, Facebook, Tweet, among other valuable social and crawling sites.

7. Write:

The minute you stop writing quality articles is the minute you will stop earning money. So, keep yourself motivated by writing about what you love. If, you are tired about writing about one subject research and write about another. Hop hubs in hub pages. Sometimes when I’m stuck I take a little bit a hop some hubs you would be surprised at how much creative juice can get flowing with just a few controversial hubs. The key is that the more articles that you write, the more potential passive income you will continue to earn on all of your articles in circulation.

8. Patience:

The key to article writing when you first start is patience. Without it, you are going to end up frustrated and probably want to quit. But, do not give up it take a little while for search engines to pick up your articles and index them properly sometimes even a few weeks. In the mean time keep writing! With more articles coming out for your site every day, the search engines will learn to come by more often to check for new content.

9. Take Credit:

Always use your name or an alternate name with your articles to identify who wrote it. I have had many people come to me and ask me to write for them on blogs or other promotions which makes a little more money or views.

10. Passive Income:

The main goal of article writing is the passive income it will continue to bring to you for many months or years to come. So, following these ten steps and the passive income you want to earn will start to flow naturally to you.


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  • putnut profile image

    putnut 6 years ago from Central Illinois or wherever else I am at the moment.

    Is the flub in part 5 on purpose to make the point? Either way, good article.

  • Pollyannalana profile image

    Pollyannalana 6 years ago from US

    Useful and interesting hub, I will bookmark it. Thank you.


  • PHILLYDREAMER profile image

    Jose Velasquez 6 years ago from Lodi, New Jersey

    These are really good tips. I like how you simplified everything. I'm fairly new to article writing, and have had issues with another site so I am starting new at Hub Pages. If you can offer me any tips, I'd appreciate it.

  • agreenworld profile image

    Dawn A. Harden 6 years ago from CT-USA

    You bring out a good point about using original material. You won't last long in this market if you don't build your own star quality and it won't pay off in the long run.