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Passive Income For Actors

Updated on February 25, 2017

Being in show business can be costly

I hear this way to often from extras “Wish I could earn more money, love being an extra but I’m finding it hard to get other work”

This is a problem a lot of Support Artists (Extras) face. They are doing too much extra work that stops them from holding a normal day job, but not enough extra work to make a comfortable living wage, what a pickle!

Ok so you can just cut back on extra work and get a normal job right, for most extras that’s not an option as we are addicts to show business-Amen to that!

Well I am in the same boat as everyone else, self-employed SA constantly thinking of ways to earn that little bit more money so I don’t have to give up my addiction.

So what can you do?

Good question glad you asked; well I’m not going to insult your intelligence by pretending there is a get rich fast scheme because their isn’t unless you can play the stock market and have some capital *cough cough!!

But for us normal every day folks here is a few suggestions that you may find useful; and

Best things come in fives or in this case £5 £10 £20 and £50. Fivesquids and Fiverr are a platform were people can post jobs they are willing to do for £5, however they have now increased that bracket. They are FREE to join and you can start making money straight away by posting your job.

Jobs include such things as:

“I will for £5 draw a cartoon version of you” or “I will for £5 photoshop any image”

Start a YouTube Channel

I bet all of you at some point have watched a YouTube video but did you know you can make money from posting videos by monetizing them.

I have a YouTube channel: Black Cab Adventures

This is called Vlogging (Video Blog) once your YouTube Account has 15000 views you can become a YouTube Partner and monetize your videos as well as getting paid to promote products in your videos.

Contrary to popular belief it’s not about how many views your video gets, it’s about the length of duration some one watches it.

YouTube places adverts around and over your video, when the advert shows you get paid X amount, if the viewer clicks on the advert you get paid X amount more.

Now if you have one video making for example £2 per month that’s not a lot but if you post 100 videos to YouTube and they make the same, now that’s £200 month and as your channel grows the amount you get paid per click and view of advert increases.

Affiliate Marketing

What is affiliate marketing…well in the simplest form you advertise other people’s products or services and earn commission on sales.

It’s up to you how you promote them, obviously I promote products via my blog but you can share them on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram etc.

Start a Blog!

Yes you to could have your very own BLog in two shakes of a tail feather you could be sharing your thoughts and knowledge with the world.

If you have some deep passion for something be it photography, painting, sports or anything really you can start a blog for free and tell the world all about it.

Now the blog alone doesn’t make you money but once you are up and running you can implement monetization via affiliate links as mentioned above, or even share your YouTube videos on your blog to draw traffic to your channel.

perhaps you make a product at home that you wish to sell, well you can blog about it and sell directly via your Blog.

Which method do you recommend

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Drop shipping Business

Drop Shipping business bit old school but still a golden goose if you get the right product.

So what is drop shipping? well similar to being an affiliate you sell products on behalf of another company but with drop shipping you set the commission rate as you place your mark-up on top of the trade price.

So you can have a website or Facebook Shop with 100s of products that you don’t actually own, you just place the product image and description along with your sale price. When some one buys that product from you, you then pass the order onto your supplier and they forward the product to your customer with your business logo and details so the end customer is non the wiser and they think the product came from you.

once you have forwarded the order to your supplier and paid them, the money left from the initial sale on your site is your profit.

For Example:

You advertise a hand bag for £30 on Facebook, it sells you receive the money via PayPal, you then buy that product from your supplier for £15 who send it directly to your customer, you have now made £15

I use a company called Ancient Wisdom as my Drop Ship partner

Ebay & Amazon

Now we all know about Ebay and Amazon so I wont bore you with telling you what you already know about selling your old possessions or drop shipping products on these platforms.

But here is an idea; go to carboot sales, garage sales, charity chops, antique fairs etc and buy good quality products on the cheap then sell them on for profit.

I once brought an old framed poem for 50p and sold it on Ebay to some one in Australia for £75. On another occasion I purchased 2 antique lithographs from a carboot sale for £6.50 and sold them to an antique shop for £150

So go out there on the weekend and buy some awesome products and sell them onto antique or collectors shops as well as on Ebay and Amazon.

That’s all for now, my typing fingers are hurting and I’m getting hungry so I bid you fair well till my next post.


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    • Flamedlotus profile imageAUTHOR


      22 months ago from England

      You're very welcome :-)

    • profile image


      22 months ago

      This is a really inspiring article, thank you!


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