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Passive online profits scam review

Updated on September 10, 2011

Passive Online Profits just announced a new addition to this Great Program. Its called Passive Online Profits Mini. I sincerely recommend you go and check it out.

Coming Soon... is Mass SMS Text messaging. You will be able to upload your contacts and send out texts without the worry of Spam.

Origninally, Passive Online Profits had rolled out a Email Blast system. But due to abuse from some members (Spam Complaints) POP is no longer offering this service. Why is it that just a few ruin it for all of us.

If you hadn’t read my previous article about the Passive Online Profits then you might want to read it first before reading this one.

In the first article I reviewed all of the features about this product. With this one I am going to tell you more about it and what you should do if you want to make money online.

Just a review:

Here is what they claim to provide for you.

1. Over 40 Different Lead Capture Pages For Different Niches

2. A Complete, Modifiable Autoresponder System (Unlimited)

3. Voice Broadcasting system.

4. 5,000 Unique Voice Broadcast Leads For Their Integrated Voice Broadcast System

5. An Easy And Thorough Back Office...VERY NEWBIE FRIENDLY!

6. Ability to also promote other business opportunities that you have.

7. Mass Blast Invitation System

8. Weekly LIVE Success Secrets webinars.

9. 24 hour help.

Now the fact of the matter is I looked into this and here is what I have found.

FACT: There are over 40 niche capture pages that are top notch

FACT: The Modifiable Autoresponse System is what it says. You can promote your other businesses with this system and help drive traffic to them.

FACT: Voice Broadcasting system. This is truly a system that get away from traditional marketing and opens the doors to new business opportunities. The majority of the the world population has a cell phone of some kind. Whether it be a standard cell or a smart phone. Think of the possibilities. One fear that you may have is using your own voice. Maybe you feel it does not sound good on recordings. Not to worry they have professionals that can help you. They will record your message

FACT: 5,000 Unique Voice Broadcast leads. Not to worry, this list you will receive is completely legal. The leads have opted to receive your messages.

FACT: The Back Office. The back office is so easy to use. Whether you are a newbie to internet marketing or a seasoned pro, you will love the ease of navigation.

FACT: Ability to promote your other businesses. With over 40 lead capture pages you have the ability to promote any other venture you are involved in.

FACT: Mass Blast Invitation. This allows you get the word out about P.O.P. and any other promotions you are planning to run.

FACT: Weekly Success Secret Webinars. These are truly the best. Just this past webinar, we had Paul Ragle as a guest speaker. For those of you who do not know Paul, he is one the top internet marketers today. He shared some of his secrets to being successful online.

FACT: 24 hour help. This by far the most important. The 24 hour help desk is just unbelievable and it is truly 24 hr.

The video you are about to see will simply amaze you. Click Here



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