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Updated on March 25, 2015


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PayPal's Pilot

Western Balkans countries: Serbia (on first place, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Albania, F.Y.R Macedonia, and others like Montenegro... As well as some non-Balkan peninsula countries as Moldavia, for instance have been promised with POLICY UPDATE that was standing on the right side of every PayPal user, that on 10.08.2014 ( 8th of October 2014).

So, on that specific date, due the Policy Update, I've considered very sleazy and unprofessional to see that promise and Policy that users should always respect, without any excuse" . Am I right? If you would violate the Terms and Conditions/ Policy of PayPal you get banned forever.

- So, this is what happened to me, all happy with fact that I will be able to withdraw money into my own pocket not just depositing and sending to someone via PayPal.
So, the message that PayPal sent to users across the Globe now, is: " We can disobey the Policy that we made, but if You - as user of PayPal (in my case premium user) disobey / violate the policy, they can claim all your funds and ban you forever.


As refer take this official article about International Court of Law: whereby Serbia get the verdict that is most suitable in given moment. Number of Croatian generals that have been actually processed by International War Crime Court in Hague is 1-2; while Serbs- if we take a look only into subjective felt feeling of "the bad boys"- got automatically "bad boys" due presentation in media of Milosevic's regime, Human Rights on Kosovo, and many other mistakes.

On 24th of March 1999', NATO Booming of S.R Yugoslavia begin with booming Belgrade at half past 7 P.M.

14 years after, Serbia grown fast into stable, GDP increasing and unemployment downgrade with speed-up EU-integrations impressed all E.U countries. Some of EU High Rep's such as "Sebastian Kurtz" as Austrian high-representative regarding politics, called reforms and work done in past 4 years as "impressive".

Empty promises

Due few, already given promises from CEO and board of "PayPal International", and citizens of Serbia, that would really like to use e-commerce platforms; are even used to "Payoneer"(TM) and "Skrill"(TM) two major competitors to PayPal that already have positioned at these places.

- Other story: PayPal part of board is actually from these 90's embraced city-war; and it's noticed that one of main stake-holders that has "veto" feature, doesn't want to see Serbia on financial transaction board of PayPal due personal(as unofficial source says one of this influential board member parents come from place where Serbs done some terrible things, as Croats did to them*.

* Official verdict of Croatia's law sue, and Serbia's 2010's counter-sue says that nor Serbian nor Croatian side have crossed the limit of violation of War Conversion in meaning of executing "genocide" which Serbs (and Croats) have been accused accordingly.

N.A.T.O Alliance Boombs | Source

If they... can we?

If "PayPal International" can't follow-up and respect their Policy Updates that is must, as to expect to obey in case of "ordinary users"; can we call ourselves enough eligible to disobey the Policy and it's Updates and following rule of PayPal itself that doesn't at all apply update from 8th October, 2014.

- Call for rejecting paying via PayPal, and wide-spread anti-PayPal oriented campaign (like "better than PP - Skrill" or something like that) whereby MONEYBOOKERS LTD haven't taught much when introducing MasterCard of theirs being shipped in Serbia as well taking F.X and fees for "more than often" transactions as CEO said commenting e-commerce in Serbia.


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