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Payday Loans, Rip You Today?

Updated on January 11, 2016
When The Money Blows
When The Money Blows

Payday Loans How Not To

Bad Credit Loans and a Different Look

Bad Credit Loans

I have a thing about credit, it will not let my ,bad credit loans go away , even after the seven year deadline to remove this from your credit file, yet I know how to fix this, I have not taken the time. I am not credit worthy, I am not worthy of a Target card because of the lack of responsibility I do take credit for. The bad credit person is a bankers lover. I get the high rates and if I bounce a check , they want their thirty dollar fee, no matter what I say. We have some clout us bad credit loan Americans, and you guys with the great credit have trouble.

Your going, this guy is insane , yet am I , if I want to get a loan for two thousand dollars right now ,this instant on the PC , I can, and with only 425 percent interest, so see, if I am so bad and credit unworthy why would someone give me such a deal. I am in a sense, kidding , yet being honest, my bad credit gives me options, to get a new car I want , and get money, yes cash, and it all comes from my bad credit loans. I will say this much , I have more credit cards than I need, and they have a small interest 56 percent on a few god one's. I am having to laugh at this because it is true to an extent , I can get credit cards with high interest, I have bought sports cars with high interest, and I know this all the time, I have gotten use to it, until recently. I now pay my bills on time, and it's not so much of a headache.

You Good and great 700-800 credit guys and gals you have what I have except for the interest rates, You have the American Express, I have the one you buy at Wall greens that's pre-paid. What is the difference really, American Express wants their money at the end of the month anyway, I just prepay them. Oh, I hear you , it would be better not to have to activate the card at a store every time you need one, yet for me, it keeps me from overspending now. I think this whole credit issue with bad credit and good credit has a fine line, There is a talk show host, "Dave Ramsey", I listen to and he says”Let's Be Dept Free” , well once you are debt free does not one thing come up and your back in the hole, again for aunt Martha that just lost her teeth in a football accident with your son, there is expense, yet you can whip out your Visa and hopefully pay it off, now your like I was, bad credit circumstance getting there, because you see Aunt Martha now has a Dentist bill, and she is going to sue you because it was your property on your brand new two story house you just paid off. I would have it made in that scenario , because you can't squeeze blood out of a turnip right. No money here I would have to say, so sue me, and you might get the Corvette I owe 60 thousand dollars except I don't have the title, I’m paying it off with high interest.

So it goes to show you good credit is better, I know this recently, no worries, no phone calls, threatening to yell at you while you politely hang up on them, You get use to it after a while when you have bad credit,and man when they send you a Visa credit card with three hundred dollars on it and just want seventy five dollars from you for an annual fee, well that’s a trade out. The Mentality is sick I know this , because I have played the game. Now if you want to clean your credit up it's easy you just have to type a lot.

Christopher Hyer 2.18.2011

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