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Payday Loans & Cash Loans Online

Updated on May 11, 2011

PayDay Loan

Normally I am not one for promoting 'Lending', as I have learned from past loans and backing down to bank overdraft offers, I know it can be hard to pay back but it is always there as an option if you need to borrow for an emergency as long as your sensible. Being back in the clear for a year now after getting a small loan from the bank for a new car(Dads idea), every now and again I would still seek out little ways to help me get by without getting me into trouble. One of the sources being writing for Hubpages and earning money from Adsense Revenue sharing, if you would like to sign up click here, but I digress..

My main inspiration for this article was to suggest an easy get me by option which won't leave you with a massive burden hanging over your head, this was the 'cash advance' which I got from a small shop called 'Cash Generator' in the UK and there are probably other similar such shops in other countries across the world that you might know. These shops not only offer a pay day loan but also

  • Pawnbroking
  • Buy back facility
  • Logbook Loans(they keep your car logbook, car must be 8 years old or less, you keep driving it but you get a bigger loan and pay it off, it must be noted it is a temporary arrangement)
  • Cash for Gold
  • Check Cashing(So you don't have to wait for lengthy bank process)

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Payday Cash Advance

I have no longer had to get Payday Loans due to a pay rise at my current job, however I would recommend it to people who use it in moderation and it is an option I know how to use if I ever have problems with my household bills in the future.

I used to find myself spending a lot of my wages on the weekend's when I got paid and then realizing my car insurance was due out midweek or that I just fancied treating myself midweek. I would only borrow the minimum amount which was £100 and they would take £10 out of that leaving me with £90. Although my dad said this is a large percentage of interest I don't think it matters too much if you need money urgently and you know it's only a one off. I would then have a set date at which they would take the £100 back out of my bank account a month later and I wouldn't worry too much because its such a small space of time.

It is a same day loan and a fast loan, you don't even have to wait for them to transfer it into your bank account, they hand it to you in cash over the counter! I found it helped me manage my money better because it made me cut down on spending weekend time and I could enjoy myself until next payday, read on below for information about obtaining advance payday loans.

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Cash Payday Loans

Here is a list of things you need to have at hand when you visit the shop:

  • Current Check Book with Valid Guarantee Card
  • 3 Forms of Valid I.D such as Birth Certificate, Driving License, National Insurance Card
  • This must include one which proves your current address and ability to pay back, such as utility bill or phone bill.

These items may vary from Payday Lenders so make sure you double check when finding your cash advance payday loan location.

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Same Day Loans

One suggestion when you go to the quick loans shop is to appear respectable, I say this because on different occasions I was accepted for quick loans and other times when it wasn't the regular kind lady at the counter I had a really awkward unpleasant woman serve me. She refused my usual 'household bills' claiming my bank statement with direct debit wasn't valid because it wasn't official proof from a company, however I think it was personal because I looked young.

I would recommend obvious grooming such as shaving, combing your hair, don't wear baggy or dirty clothes and use manners when inquiring because flattery can can get you everywhere!

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Payday Loans Online

Now I am going to suggest a few options for a payday loan online, these may seem like an easier option but often come with technical difficulties, these include the 'Fax payday loan' where you may not have a fax machine in order to send your forms of I.D across. There is a 'No Fax pay loan' but the online method can still take time to transfer into your bank account when you may need the money straight away.

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Lendingtree is the biggest mortgage and mortgage refinance website around at present so you know it is going to have a good reputation and offer great fast loans.

They provide great Personal Loans which are not secured by your assets, offer a competitive rate of interest which is normally high in this category and you can request a loan by visiting the Lending Tree website and entering your details.

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This is another of the big name online competitors who offer the loan same day! you don't have to fax documents, you don't have to have bills a security proof and the money can be deposited into your bank within as little as an hour!

However there are catches before you think this sounds to good to be true, the downside being that the interest is high, they claim an added £25 for every £100 you borrow but on a good note they allow you to pay straight away on you next payday which could be quick if you get paid weekly like I do.

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Payday Cash

So to start spending your payday cash whenever you like by following the alternatives I have covered in my hub, don't leave yourself in the dark wishing you had an escape from lack of funds and boring days without the option of paying for enjoyment!

I hope this has been helpful as it intended to be but remember to be clever in your financial dealings!

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