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Paying your bills

Updated on January 28, 2014


We all have to pay for them, whether it is one or 15. It does get annoying having to pay every month and have no money for yourself. However rather pay for it than have the things taken away from. The essentials in every household are water, rent, mortgage, electricity, cable and phone. There are added bills like car and renters insurance, etc. but everybody pays those essentials to keep calm and bill collectors off their backs.

I’m not an expert and I don’t pay many bills for myself, but I help my parents out when they need it. Whenever you get paid, try to save it for when a bill is due. Whenever a bill comes in the mail, keep track of the dates and see which one is really important to pay first. If your rent or mortgage is due on the 5th and the phone and cable is due on the 17th, pay for the house rent first and split the cable and phone bills in half to pay for the rest later.

Shopping for food is essential as well, but there are times when you pay all of your bills but do not have enough money for food. Calling customer service for bill paying is a great idea to have a payment plan if you don’t have enough money or want to keep money for food in the house.

Splurging can be good after you have paid all of your bills and have enough money for yourself, but don’t splurge too much because you never know when another bill might come again. Managing money can be easy so you can save money and pay bills on time. It stinks when you don’t have money for yourself but it is worth it when your bills are paid.


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