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Updated on January 23, 2020
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Never has the pace of innovation been so fast. And never has the complexity of existing systems been so great.


Payment Innovation

Much of that scarce capital must be deployed on the maintenance of existing legacy systems, using specialist and high-cost skills. Many companies are seeking solutions that utilize low-cost technology requiring easily available skills to develop and implement and that can integrate easily into the existing legacy infrastructure.

The Architecture

The Reno-Switch architecture is designed to exploit the advances in technology and development techniques that have emerged since the turn of the century. Renovite applied 30 years of payments domain knowledge to solving the contemporary business issues for payments processors using the most modern techniques and technologies available. This unique combination of domain experience and technology advancement has resulted in a switch product that can compete with established products in reliability, scalability and availability while simultaneously delivering an order of magnitude reduction in the total cost of ownership.

The Reno-Switch architecture uses a multi-layer approach separating distinct features and responsibilities without overlap: the messaging protocols, core payment workflows, routing, integration and communications clearly allotted to a designated layer in the system architecture.

  • A truly channel and token agnostic system
  • Transaction orchestration mechanism that can select a processing workflow based on a combination of transaction data elements
  • Core architectural fundamentals for high performance - asynchronous queuing and No-SQL logging
  • Th architecture allows for both horizontally and vertically scalability resulting in better capacity management and resilience
  • The multi-layer architecture provides for deployment models that allow complete flexibility in infrastructure design.

Key Highlights

  1. Smart routing:

    Route transactions efficiently by using an agile web UI based dynamic transaction routing system.

  2. Multi-destination:

    Route transactions to multipledestinations, in parallel, sequential or mixed modes.

  3. Token agnostic:

    The Reno-Switch platform is token agnostic by default, allowing for transactions to be processed and routed based on a token that could be a mobile number, email, card number etc.

  4. Config loader:

    With Reno-Switch you can set up and configure payment switch solution through the administrative console and the Config loader will ensure this is brought into the IMDG (In-Memory Grid)

  5. In-memory data grid:

    Both transaction data, as well as the configuration, are processed in-
    memory, this fundamental feature ensure faster I/O operations and the ability to run a distributed and flexible deployment

  6. Batch framework:

    Robust and lightweight implementation of the batch framework ensures efficient and quick operations for the back-office. A multi-job asynchronous
    configurable framework with support for multi-threaded execution.

  7. PA DSS compliance:

    Secure payment transactions by industry-recognized PA DSS certification.

  8. Adapter sub-system:

    The state of the art adapter sub-system allows for managing multiple incoming and outgoing channels across a variety of processing methods.

  9. Internal object format:

    The Reno-Switch components across the architectural layers communicate using the internal object format, a plain java object-based format makes inter-process communication simple, efficient and scalable in a modular environment.

Integration - Renovite Technology

With twenty years of experience in delivering systems to merchants and payment processors around the world, the Renovite team is highly experienced in installing innovative new payment components into legacy infrastructure. This expertise was brought to bear in the development of the Reno-Switch product. In addition to basing the product on industry-standard components, ease of integration with
existing legacy systems was seen as key in bringing a product to market successfully.


Reno-Switch uses an XML based workflow with a componentized architecture. New components can be developed independently and plugged into the existing workflow. New Workflows can also be developed by placing the reusable components into the workflow.

High Performance

Reno-Switch uses asynchronous communication between components. In-memory & distributed caching and processing, together with stateless servers, all contribute to managing system resources to deliver high performance.

Sca lability

Reno-Switch fully supports both Horizontal and Vertical scaling. Multiple copies of the system can be deployed in a clustered environment.


Reno-Switch operates as a high availability system using clustering. In addition, Reno-Switch may be configured in an active/active or active/passive model across multiple sites to ensure true 24/365 operation.

At a Glance

Linux/Windows Server Java 8 (x86 - 64 bit)

Multi-tenant, multi-language, multi-currency PA-DSS certified, EMV, AES support & 3DES compliant Supports XML, XML20002, 1508583

Supports all major card schemes Merchant Portal Fraud & Velocity Control

Supports major POS/EPOS terminals Logging & MIS

Enhanced Integration Facilities.

This content is accurate and true to the best of the author’s knowledge and is not meant to substitute for formal and individualized advice from a qualified professional.


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