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Paypal Button for Donating and Ebegging

Updated on May 12, 2011

Cyberbegging and Paypal donate button

If you are one of my regular readers you will know that I like to keep you informed about my learnings of web design and the 'Paypal button' is the most recent tool that I have been experimenting with. I think it is a useful way to make a little extra cash by placing it on websites such as BlogTV, Youtube or Wordpress blogs if you want your fans to support you, don't get me wrong, I don't believe you should pressure people to contribute but if you are doing something worthwhile then you deserve help.

It is very easy when setting up Paypal buttons, you simply sign in at your account and type 'Donate button' in the search bar then choose the style button you want.

  • After you have chosen these settings, proceed forward and copy the html code provided to your clipboard.
  • Sign into your BlogTV or Youtube and place the HTML code in the description box. If you are using a Wordpress blog you will need to use a widget or plugin but this will still involve pasting your code.

Donate Paypal button and people who E-beg

There are some feuds occurring on Youtube at present concerning the 'Donate Paypal button' and some people who Ebeg such as Brett Keane and Cody Weber, the argument being that they shamelessly insist in donations in their videos.

Personally I don't see a problem if they cash in on their masses of visitors, however they might receive a decline in fans if they persist on aggressive promotion.

My BlogTV channel
My BlogTV channel

Paypal Donations

I have included a Paypal Donate button on my new BlogTV channel because I intend on streaming live music, video and debates once I have sorted my sound settings out and if people find me entertaining and informative then they can donate. I will be travelling in April and only have my saving from the day job I am putting on hold, so nobody can say I'm not independent!

See me on Richieb799 BlogTV

Paypal Donation and Cyberbegging

Cyberbegging is discussed in the video below but it could be a little biased since the video presenter doesn't get as many subscribers as 'The AmazingAtheist' who is included in the rant and I suspect a tiny amount of jealousy.

Donation buttons have been around long before any one was setting up Paypal accounts as we can see in the button pictured above and I believe it is not a bad idea as long as the person requesting Paypal donations follows through on their plans for reinvesting the money.


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