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PeopleString - Is It A Scam?

Updated on November 30, 2012

PeopleString Review

PeopleString isn't a scam, but it really isn't worth the time. I gave the site a test run a couple years ago and it turned out to be a dud. No offense to anyone reading this who might actually be making money from it, but for me, it was a waste of time. If you are new to making money online, I definitely don't recommend investing your time or money into PeopleString.

PeopleString is a social networking site that mimics Facebook. You can create a similar profile, accumulate a list of friends and network with other members. PeopleString provides revenue sharing and other low-paying tasks on their site.

Although PeopleString is often labeled a social networking site, it seems like more of an MLM (multi-level marketing) site.

Here are some of the things you can do to make money on PeopleString:

  • $.50 per referral
  • 70% revenue sharing
  • Paid trial offers
  • $1.53 to confirm your home address
  • $.10 to confirm your email
  • Paid email
  • Mailbox-Cashbox mail program (postcards for more crappy paid offers)

Most PeopleString members use the referral program to make money because the paid tasks on the site don't amount to much money. Even the 70% revenue sharing model amounted to pennies throughout my membership.

The PeopleString referral program looks promising at first glance, but it isn't a good way to make money. They advertises compensation of $.50 per referral. That means you are paid $.50 each time someone signs up through your referral link. The problem is that you don't earn the $.50 until your referral manually enters a code from a post card they receive in the mail from PeopleString. The mailing can take weeks. In fact, I didn't receive my postcard for over 2 months. Unfortunately, until your referral enters that code into their account, the $.50 you were hoping to get, shows up under "pending earnings" and you don't get paid.

The reality of the referral program is that most new referrals either never receive the postcard in the mail, never actually use the code on the postcard, or never even use the PeopleString site after signing up. So you'll end up spending enormous amounts of time trying to get new referrals only to earn very little money, if any, in return. PeopleString also pays referral commissions on more than one level, but that won't benefit you whatsoever if your referrals aren't getting their own referrals.

Also, $.50 for a referral really isn't very much money to begin with and the fact that you don't earn the money straight away from the referral sign up is even worse. It is much easier to join a free CPA network and make money promoting affiliate offers than spending countless hours getting PeopleString referrals for 50 cents each. Most CPA offers pay $1 to $3 each.

PeopleString sells a pricey upgrade, which I highly recommend you avoid. In the past, it was $200, but now I think they jacked the price up to $300. I made the mistake of buying a membership. Basic membership is free. The paid upgrade boosts the referral commission percentages, however, your referral still needs to enter that postcard code online in order for you to get paid for the referral.

As I mentioned earlier, making money from the tasks on the PeopleString site, such as the paid offers and paid email, pay very poorly and even come with certain risks. Although some of the trial offers are free, most require a credit card number in order to complete the transaction for compensation. It is no wonder why new referrals quit shortly after signing up.

The whole postcard thing I mentioned earlier is part of their Mailbox Cashbox program. After you receive your first PeopleString postcard, you will begin receiving junk mail at your house. The junk mail you receive are postcards with more offers that can be completed for money, but again, you must use your credit card to do so.

How much money can you earn on PeopleString? I earned less than $12, which took close to 1 year to accumulate. I was able to bring in a good amount of referrals too, but all of them either quit right away, never made any money, or never entered that code from the postcard they were supposed to receive in the mail. You must earn $25 before you get paid. It certainly is possible to make money there, but you will be working way too hard for a small reward. You would have to constantly work to bring in more referrals and hope they stay active. It really isn't worth the aggravation.

Instead of wasting your time with sites like PeopleString, start your own blog and make money from affiliate marketing and Adsense. If you have a particular talent or skill, sell $5 gigs on Consider writing articles for sites that provide upfront pay or revenue sharing. Hubpages is a good place to start. I can think of dozens of ways to make money online that are far better and more rewarding than PeopleString. Again, no offense to anyone who's actually making money from PeopleString, but I just don't consider it a good place for newbies or anyone else to make money online. Thanks for reading.


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    • LindaSmith1 profile image

      LindaSmith1 5 years ago from USA

      People String misleads and dupes members. So many jump on the hype bandwagon and pay out money, hundreds of dollars to these people. One word to describe People String "Horrible."

    • Matt G. profile image

      Matt G. 5 years ago

      I agree. It's the hype that draws people in to fork over their money. Even the free membership is worthless.

    • Casey Strouse profile image

      Casey Strouse 5 years ago from Phoenix, Arizona

      Most rev sharing sites suck unless you write awesome content and promote yourself well. Fact is that if you're a solid writer and aren't afraid to self-promote you can do much better running your own site or finding some other people who already run sites to team up with.

    • chuckbl profile image

      Charlie 5 years ago from Scotland

      I have had a similar experience. I signed up about 3 years ago, I gave it a really good try, made $30 and got paid, but ultimately, the time I put into it could have made me much more money doing something, anything, else!

      It isn't a scam as you say, but it sure as hell is a big waste of time and really not worth the effort.

    • Matt G. profile image

      Matt G. 5 years ago

      I didn't call it a scam. Read the first sentence of the article. You're right though, PeopleString sure isn't worth the time. Definitely a time waster.

    • profile image

      Zachary Moore 5 years ago

      I made 9 dollars over 2 years!

    • profile image

      Alfred S 5 years ago

      Hi I have been paid $29 in 2010 thats it i don't even get email from them anymore and I have been there for the past 2 and a half years i browse the site every day without a miss Definitely a time waster.

    • Matt G. profile image

      Matt G. 5 years ago

      Thanks for the comment. People String is definitely a time waster. The only people making money are the site owners. I think they raised the account upgrade price to $300. Total waste of money.

    • profile image

      Brendon Sanders 4 years ago

      Thanks so much I was just going to join for the referral program!

    • Matt G. profile image

      Matt G. 4 years ago

      You're welcome.

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