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Personal Finance Template

Updated on September 9, 2016

Finance Is Very Popular Online

Personal finance is one of the most popular topics online. Every person- be he a prince or a pauper- has to deal with money in some way or another, and millions of people conduct searches about money management and financial issues every day.

Personal finance is also a very lucrative topic on HubPages. Ads on Personal Finance Hubs tend to be associated with significantly higher revenues as advertisers such as banks and investment firms are far more willing to pay high prices for clicks than entertainment sites and cosmetics companies.

Before you decide you will ONLY be writing Personal Finance Hubs from now on, you should also know that Personal Finance is one of the most competitive subjects online, and it is very difficult to achieve good rankings in search engine results.

To see any success, you must therefore create very high-quality content and do a lot of competitive research when creating Hubs addressing money and finance.

Conduct a Search Before Moving Forward

Competitive Research Is Crucial

If you want your Hub to succeed, you must provide information that has not already been made extensively available online.

You must also answer a question or cover a subject that has not already been answered hundreds (if not thousands or millions) of times.

Before you decide to create a Hub, especially one on Personal Finance, we urge you to run some Google searches on the subject you hope to address. If you see a large number of high-quality results, or results from trusted, high-profile sites (sites belonging to major brands, financial institutions, Wikipedia, government sites, sites belonging to educational institutions, etc.), we recommend addressing a different subject, as chances are the Hub you would like to write would not be able to beat the current top results.

Watch out for top Results you Are not Likely to Beat

How to Write a Competitive Hub

Let's say you have found a subject that has not already been extensively covered online. That's great! To ensure that your Hub ranks well in search results, be sure to:

  • Be as thorough, helpful, and instructive as possible
  • Go above and beyond, covering related subjects in addition to answering the basic premise alluded to in your title
  • Include concrete facts and figures
  • Utilize a wide variety of media
  • Link to a wide variety of useful external resources to make your Hub a good reference point

Break Up the Monotony!

Personal finance can be a dry subject. Add a personal element through the Poll Capsule.

See results

Tables Play a key Role in Personal Finance Hubs

Credit Card
The Shiny Spending Card
Rewards in the form of automatically-delivered jewels
50% APR
The Frugal Frump Card
Helps you avoid debt
Doesn't work
The Big Spender
No credit limit
Those who do not pay their debt are killed for sport
Table Capsules can be used to show the effects of different savings plans, offer budget templates, summarize prices, or even compare and contrast different financial products and services, such as credit cards.

Make Sure you Provide the Best Guide out There

Conduct a couple of searches using terms related to or included in your Hub's title to get an idea of the competition you will face in search results, then click through to and read at least the top three non-sponsored results for each search query.

Take note of what each article addresses to make sure that, in addition to being more thorough and helpful than your competition, you include information that cannot be found in any of the existing results.

General advice and conventional wisdom will not be sufficient if you want to see significant success.

The Importance of Concrete Facts

Personal finance is all about numbers and practicality, so don't skimp on concrete tips, facts, and figures! Be sure to include:

  • Specific dollar amounts
  • Specific percentages and equations
  • Examples of calculations to make
  • References to specific types of financial fund options and services (with specific references to their features and prices)

Don't Skimp on Images - Even When Addressing Abstract Subjects

Utilize related images, such as shots of families (if you're writing about budgeting for families) or money (if you are writing about an abstract financial calculation).
Utilize related images, such as shots of families (if you're writing about budgeting for families) or money (if you are writing about an abstract financial calculation). | Source

Refer to the Experts

Even if you are not a financial expert yourself, you can still create a competitive resource by summarizing all of the best tips and resources on a particular subject in one place.

Doing so enables you to create an incredibly useful reference point to which readers may return again and again (and refer their friends, colleagues, and families).

How can you create the best possible reference point?

  • Provide succinct summaries (in your own words- no copying and pasting) of the top recommendations from trusted experts and organizations
  • Link back to the source of every fact, figure, recommendation, and tip you reference
  • Include videos made by trusted experts using the Video Capsule

We recommend linking back to sources from the very sentence in which those sources are referenced, however it is also a good idea to include a comprehensive list of every site, book, and article you utilize in your article at the end of your Hub to provide yet another helpful reference point for those who would like to find additional information.

Include Videos from the Experts


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