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Personal Injury Claims Online

Updated on March 29, 2016

Personal Injury Claims : 3 Things you need to know

In legal terms, a “personal injury” is considered to be harm done to someones body, emotions or mind. Property or real-estate has nothing to do with this issue. It only deals with psychological, physical damage as well as illnesses and diseases. You cannot issue a claim, if another person/party did not cause the damage. Damage caused by an unforeseen accident, which could not be avoided and for which no one could be held accountable, does not comply with a personal injury claim. Personal injuries claims are not related to ALL physical injuries. There are strict guidelines Lawyers and the health/insurance system run, to prevent false personal injury claims.

What does a personal injury claim consist of?

Injuries that are accountable for with a personal injury claim include: car accidents mishaps, work related injuries ( trips, slips, stress, … ), holiday injuries, working at home injuries, product defects injuries, injuries caused by a personal assault by a second party as well as harm done by unprofessional medical staff. In case of an injury, you needn’t run directly to the insurance company and claim your share, but can also start a compensation process, to eliminate any extra cost. Be very careful when choosing either a complaint or a claim. You must take into consideration that some injuries ( not caused by you ) could have a long lasting effect on your mind or body, cutting out the possibility of proper work, that you have been used to before. Seek professional advice if in doubt. But in most “traumatic” cases it is better to go with compensation and a good lawyer.

Whatever the cause of the injury may be, you should always keep in mind 3 things when applying for a personal injury claim:

1.) You must take immediate action!

When dealing with car accidents, you can do no wrong if you automatically call the Police as well as inform the insurance company. Always go and see a doctor, cause you never know how serious the damage might be, even though you do not feel it at first, or it seem minor. Always keep track of the exact time of the injury, for medical and legal issues. Photos and witnesses are a huge plus. People are usually in a state of shock during the post-accidental time, so they tend to forget certain details.

2.) Do not wait till tomorrow, act NOW!

This is particularly true for the legal issues that come with the everlasting claims, taken to court etc. You shouldn’t wait around for months or even years to set everything up, because it could get thrown way in the back of the line and would never see the light of day altogether. So make haste.

3.) Always involve a solicitor

Although their prices and fees are huge, you will be much better off with them, then without them. You could represent yourself or take a claims assessor, but his operations and capabilities are very limited. A solicitor with experience, can provide a better deal, cause he is trained and forged in the art of compensation. Highly advisable to find one from your area with a credible track record.


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    • Nicole Young 07 profile image

      Nicole Young 07 23 months ago from Chicago Illinois

      Normally, a personal injury lawyer who is experienced and qualified will be able to collect and safeguard all essential evidence, determine if you have a case and assess your situation with reference to filing a claim. There is actually no risk, instead of taking care of your personal injury case, hiring a personal injury lawyer usually has no risk based on Johnson & Gregory, a law firm in Arizona, because majority offers a free, confidential consultation to understand and advise you on your injuries and rights, and they work on contingency fees too! You can then decide if you want to retain their services once they have explained your options. Make sure to hire a lawyer who knows the state’s laws because they vary from one state to another.