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Personal Watercraft Insurance

Updated on July 20, 2009

In the event of an incident involving a Personal Watercraft (also known as Jet Ski and Waverunners) it’s essential that appropriate insurance coverage is in place to cover all eventualities. Personal watercraft insurance isn't simply optional protection to cover the cost of replacing or repair of said PWC, but more importantly to ensure sufficient protection is in place to cover all consequences of an accident - such as damage to a PWC, bodily injury to a third party, and medical expenses.

To put in place comprehensive insurance coverage for a PWC it’s often a requirement to search out one of the insurance companies that specialize in watercrafts, such as the high-speed Jet Ski's. Here is a list of PWC & Boat Insurance Companies for quick reference.

In obtaining a standard PWC insurance quote expect to find the following on offer - Accidental damage, fire, theft, and vandalism protection - Liability to tow kneeboards, water skiers, wakeboards, towable tubes, etc. - Medical expenses - Underinsured or uninsured liability - Legal Protection - with the liability extension also covering those that a PWC is lent to.

Insurance for Jet Ski and related accessories is often easy to obtain, whether it’s for a sit-down or stand-up PWC or for a Honda PWC, Kawasaki Jet Ski, Sea-Doo or Yamaha Waverunner.                

It can be more difficult to obtain jetski insurance if a watercraft has received extensive modification or for whatever reason wishing to used a PWC in the dark.

Studies indicate common causes of accidents or injuries resulting in the operation of a PWC often come down to reckless drivers, inadequate handling experience, or simply a lack of attention to what is going on. Watercraft with the highest number of reported incidents on the water tend to be open-cockpit boats (water-ski boat or jet boat) and personal watercraft.

Having a clearly defined Waverunner insurance scheme in force is critical in all situations that involve injury to an innocent swimmer, skier or boater. Watercraft incidents often result in intricate legal issues, so having the ideal indemnity in place in these situations is paramount. 

Personal watercraft insurance is not mandatory in all areas (check a local state .gov site for more info. on this) although it is often a wise investment to have the appropriate protection in place should an unfortunate mishap take place. Accidents are often as a result of negligence or lack of care with these water-based toys.


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