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Petland Credit Card

Updated on June 12, 2016

Petland Credit Card

Why to Opt for Petland Credit Card?

Who doesn’t love to own a pet that make our life bliss by becoming trustworthy companions? It’s certainly a big reason why American households have more pets than children. However, the increased rate of the pets and the maintenance cost has started digging big holes in the pockets of the pet lovers. Sometimes, they are even forced to sell their loved ones for being unable to cope up with the cost factor.

Why to Opt for Petland Credit Card?

Mostly people make use of their debit cards for purchasing the pets or the items related to them. It is one of the major reasons for hefty expenses however; it can be resolved if you apply for a Petland credit card today. As the name itself suggests, this credit card is basically meant for pets and gives enormous benefits on the items related to pets in their stores.

Yes, now you have got the name of the magic stick to lower the money spent on your pets. But, the bigger question remains, how to apply for a Petland credit card? Right, it’s no use talking about it till you apply for one and start enjoying its benefits.

Striking Benefits of the Card to Lure any Pet Lover

  • Gives discount on all Petland stores
  • Purchase APR is lower than other cards and is only 29.99%
  • Enjoy exclusive discounts four times per year.
  • Earn 20 percent discount on a future purchase after completing five qualifying purchases of $50 or more within a span of 12 months
  • No annual fee required

Yes, now you have got the name of the magic stick to lower the money spent on your pets. But, the bigger question remains, how to apply for a Petland credit card? Right, it’s no use talking about it till you apply for one and start enjoying its benefits.

Are you Eligible to Apply for Petland Credit Card?

Well, before you actually apply for the card, it’s important to check your eligibility. Here is the criteria which you must fulfill to become a Petland credit card owner:

  • You should be18 years of age
  • You should have a valid photo ID issued by the government
  • You should have a U.S. Social Security Number.

Before you actually get the card in your hands, you also need to give an agreement that the information shared by you is correct and may be shared and retained by Petland.

You can apply online by visiting the main website of Petland credit card or you can also apply in person at any of the Petland stores. Applying for a Petland credit card amazingly takes only a few minutes and the moment you get the approval and receive the account information, you are ready to go. In fact, from that moment itself you become eligible for enjoying all the extra benefits offered by Petland credit card as well.

Apply in7 Easy Steps

Visit the main page of the Petland credit card company and click on the ‘Start Application’ button.

  1. You can start entering your personal details on being directed to the application page
  2. The details required would include prefix, first, middle and last name, suffix, social security number and date of birth
  3. Fill your annual income in the next section and give your address information.
  4. Applicant’s contact information and information related to any additional authorized cards are added. If you don’t have any such details, click on the ‘Continue’ button on the page bottom.
  5. Review your information and the cardmember agreement on the next page.
  6. Submit the application after reviewing all the information. Generally, it takes 2 minutes for making a credit card decision however; some complicated cases can take up to 72 hours.

How to Check if Application has been Approved

After the completion and submission of your application for the Petland credit card, mostly it gets approved instantly and an immediate notification is received. In many cases, even immediate usage of new accounts is made available.

In some of the cases which generally don’t happen, if the application is not approved immediately, the response regarding the same is received via mail within a span of 7-10 days.

Proceed to Login

First, go to the website of the company and enter your User ID and Password.

Secondly, you are required to enter the correct information in order to enjoy complete access to your credit card account.

In case you forget the password, you simply need to fill in your user name or account number which is used as a form of identification. It also needs your zip or postal code for emailing the password to you.

The Petland credit card login can be used by an account holder for making payments, view statements or taking benefit of any discounts offered on it.

Details of the terms and conditions of your Account

The terms and conditions of your Petland credit card account includes:

  • Annual percentage rate
  • Method of your balance computation
  • Fees and charges

You can also ask for a copy detailing the terms and conditions of your account to keep it handy with you.

Can one get Petland Credit Card without a U.S. address?

Unfortunately, you can’t apply for a Petland credit card if you are not a resident of the Unite States and don’t have a rural route, street or APO/FPO mailing address.

How safe is it to Apply Online for Petland Credit card?

This question is quite obvious keeping in view the online frauds which have become frequent in the past few years. However; you can be completely assured of the privacy and the security of your account as it is completely safe with the company. The application process uses Secure Socket Layer (SSL) and Transport Layer Security (TLS) which keeps your account completely inaccessible for any third party.

There is strict security system available for ensuring the security of all transactions which has your personal information.

Apart from this, you may be also concerned about giving information of your income or sharing your social security number. However; these information are also completely safe

  • Information about income is to comply with federal law and determine your credit card limit
  • Information about Social Security number is required for identity verification and acquiring information from the credit bureau.

Complaints related to Petland Credit Cards

Apart from all the benefits, there are also a few risks attached to the usage of Petland credit cards which has also been complained by many users. Many users of Petland credit card have complained of the stores already selling the items at high rates and then lowering it in the name of discounts offered by the Petland credit card. In some cases, the discounts are not offered on the pet supplies and customers are told that it’s only available on selected items.

Also, many customers have complained of being sold sick animals at sky high prices and were not even given complete reimbursement when they asked for changing or returning the animals.

Though the Petland credit card has huge benefits, one needs to be very careful while using it and be actually able to enjoy all the benefits offered by the company.


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