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Picking Up Deals In The City Of Angels

Updated on January 18, 2011

Prior To Arriving

So I find myself in Los Angeles getting ready to start a Residential 1:1 with an accountant who is ready to start his residential real estate investing career. Many of my friends and colleagues always ask me what goes into one of my 1:1 weeks? Not only is it a busy week for my students, it is also a busy week for me prior to arriving. I usually have a whole list of items that I work on for my students so that we can make it as successful as possible. These items include working on:

Assigning Homework to the Student


Raising Private Capital

Market Analysis

Locating Hard Money Lenders

Locating Real Estate Investment Clubs

Contacting Prior Resources

Most of our coaching students are relatively new investors so while we as coaches have homework to prepare for the area, we assign homework to our students so that they are prepared for our arrival. This homework is pretty simple! The most important part of the students chores is to schedule appointments with 2-3 realtors, 1-2 title companies, 2-3 hard money lenders, and 1-2 mortgage brokers. These indidviduals are critical in the success of the investor building a TEAM around them that can assist and allows for the investor to delegate due diligence. 

I wrap up my day with a call to my student to prep them for the schedule tomorrow and head out to dinner. 

Homework Prior to 1:1 Coaching - Los Angeles, Jeremy Streeter

City of Angels-Los Angeles


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    • profile image

      Roland 8 years ago

      Nice video Scott. Lots of great information for real estate investors!