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Pillow Talk Series Vol.2 Couples and Money

Updated on September 17, 2009

Pillow Talk V2

Love is as Sweet As You Want It To Be, Pillow Talk Vol.2
Love is as Sweet As You Want It To Be, Pillow Talk Vol.2

Love, Newlyweds, Life

Pillow Talk Series Vol.2

Welcome to the Pillow Talk Series Vol.2!  

First and foremost I appreciate you joining me today in this Pillow Talk Series! 

When it comes to Pillow Talk, Love and Life come together in a very tremendous way when it comes to newlyweds.  Newlyweds, or even just a new committed couple have some very important things that should be discussed.  Just like deciding to commit to one another was a big decision, and possibly living together was another HUGE decision, Pillow Talk time about finances should be at the top of the list.   Money makes the world go around besides the whole gravity universe explanation, with the distance from the sun, and the moon and all that other jazz.  But money can be a cause of strain and talking about the finances regarding managing your money together as a couple is one of the best Pillow Talk conversations you can have.

  1. Disclose your financial history and money management style or lack thereof to your significant other  If marriage or long term commitment is imminent, don't be afraid to talk about and pull each other's credit report.  Places like Annual Credit Report is free once a year for consumers to pull their credit report. Visit  - Discuss how much you have saved, and what you personally want to save for to see if you have the same saving goals.    Calculate your net worth for each of you. Be open and honest about all your credit cards you have, personal loans and other expenses you have.  If you are concerned about your partners health, and sexual history before you commit to them, then you both should be concerned about each others financial health also.  This is wonderful Pillow Talk!
  2. Talk Financial Money Matters Regularly.  Pillow Talk time is great for bonding in a lasting loving relationship.  Pillow Talk encourages communication.  Relationships that prosper I can guarantee you had open communication between the two lovers.  Knowing what your other half would say and do, shows true love and communication is open between the two love birds.  Marital satisfaction will rise for those couples that can practice this type of open Pillow Talk.  To some people, love means spending money. To other people love means saving money.  Pillow Talking can help find an agreed upon middle ground between spending and saving $$$$.  Be open and honest with each other about what you both are looking for can lead to strong trust and lasting relationships during Pillow Talk.  On your next Pillow Talk session with your loved one, set up a "date night"!  Yes a financial date night is something that should be done.  Talk about all money related issues work through them and resolve any tension.  Imagine having your own Pillow Talk time, then the next day having your financial date night where you both are in sync. Less stressed, and more time for Love.
  3. The third thing couples should do is agree on a plan.  Who will make sure the bills get paid?  Nothing wrong with having separate accounts for small purchases, but a joint account for household expenses should be created.  Pillow talk about this life adjusting event can make this a smooth transition.
  4. Last but not least, utilize Pillow Talk as an opportunity to express your wants and needs.  We all have dreams, and goals.  Expressing them at this time can reassure both of you that you want the same thing.  Maybe some compromise will be needed, but getting your thoughts out during Pillow talk can increase both of your chances of achieving those goals you make individually and as a couple.  Pillow Talk Series Vol.2 can put the both of you on the right path to communication heaven.


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