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Saving For a House and Financing a House

Updated on May 3, 2016

Saving For A House

It is amazing how fast money will add up when you learn new ways of saving for a house and financing a house. If you are at the point of getting ready to buy a house,maybe your first, it's an exciting time. Renting or living with parents gets old after a while and its time to own something you can call your own. Or maybe you're up sizing. Then it's also time to save. You are going to need to check out home mortgage loans including home insurance and property taxes but the first step will be getting ready to buy a house by saving money.

First it's important to figure out how much you can afford to spend on a home. Find out what type of house you want and where. And figure out when you want to buy. Will it be soon or in the near future or in a year or two? You will need to plan ahead as it will take some time to put some money away for this grand purchase.

Finance Your New Home

Finance a house
Finance a house

Ways Of Saving Money For A House

You need to save every single penny that you can that does not have to be used for something else so start thinking of hundreds of ways of saving money for a house and maybe even think of some different ways to earn some extra money. See some interesting articles below with what might be some useful information. Later in the article I will include even more ideas on ways to save money for a house.

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Some Basic Ways of Saving Money and Saving For A House

1. Find things that you have and pay for that you don't really need. That are not really necessities. Get rid of those bills but use the money you were using for them to put towards your house.

2. Sell items you don't use or need anymore. List items in the paper or on craigslist or Ebay or have a sale.

3. Get a change jar and put all coins in at the end of the day. Make sure to collect coins in pockets, left in car and on dresser.

4. Don't waste money on unnecessary purchases. ex.: Drink fountain water instead of ordering soft drinks when going thru fast food lines. Buy store brand name products instead of name brand in grocery stores.

5. Find ways for entertainment that don't cost money. Going for walks, borrowing movies from the library instead of renting,exercise by using free or low cost public places like swimming pools

6. If you're crafty try making and selling items.

7. Shop for many things at the Dollar Stores to save money on grocery bill especially things like cleaning porducts..

8. Save money on clothing etc. by shopping at second hand stores

9. Don't spend money on things you can get for free like water, books, food) eat at home don't go out)

10. Don't be late paying on charge cards so that you have to pay late fees, that money could be saved instead.

These and other things that you can think of on your own will set you on your way to saving for a house of your dreams.

When its Time To Buy The House You've Been Saving For

When it's time to buy the house you've been saving for, you will certainly need money just as you needed it when saving for a house. So keep the habits you found while waiting to buy the house and use the money saving methods to save for furniture and things you need for the house.

If you've done it correctly, you should end up with , money paid down on the house, an affordable mortgage and a beautiful new home because you took the time to learn ways to save for and finance a house.


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    • profile image

      Harper27Nora 5 years ago

      Buildings are not very cheap and not every person can buy it. Nevertheless, loans are created to help different people in such kind of cases.

    • muvhen profile image

      muvhen 7 years ago from northants

      really good thank you