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PineCone Research – Paid Survey Review

Updated on July 7, 2009

PineCone Research is without a doubt the paid survey site which most fans of doing paid surveys will say is the best one to join. The reason being is that PineCone Research are one of the best paying survey sites on the internet. Unfortunately most people who do paid surveys will also tell you that PineCone Research is one of the hardest sites to join as they only allow accept new members once in a while and you have to find a PineCone Research Banner in order to join.

Joining PineCone Research

As already mentioned, the only way to join PineCone Research is through finding one of their advertising banners and unfortunately PineCone Research only run banner ad campaigns a couple of times a year. The only thing you can do is to keep an eye on the forums where people leave messages about where they have spotted the PineCone Research banner and also frequent sites such as iPoints and Archerfish where the PineCone Research Banner has been spotted in the past.

If you spot a PineCone Research banner do not waste anytime in clicking on it and starting the process of becoming a member. The actual sign up process is quite simple and is in two stages. The first stage requires you filling in the form with some basic information such as name, address and email. When you have done this you will receive an email within the next 14 days to a more in-depth questionnaire which is basically used to set up your profile on PineCone Research. Then having done this it is another 14 days wait to see if your application has been successful, This may sound a bit of a drawn out procedure but joining PineCone Research s certainly worth the time and effort.

PineCone Research Surveys

So far I have found that there are 2 types of surveys which PineCone Research send out, both of which come via email. The first of these surveys are usually a short survey which takes a couple of minutes to complete and is used to see if you fit the profile for any bigger surveys coming up. Unfortunately these short surveys are not paid but literally take just a couple of minutes to complete. The other type of survey is usually about a product and takes between 10 and 15 minutes to complete and these are the paid ones.

What is important that when you join PineCone Research you agree to keep the actual information of a survey confidential as quite often you can be answering questions on a product which isn’t on sale yet.

The really good news about PineCone Research surveys is that you never get screened out of a paying survey; this is because you get the occasional short pre survey.

The frequency of getting PineCone Research paid surveys really depends on whether your profile fits the category for their surveys. I generally get a survey once every couple of months. But there are other members who claim to receive a survey from them on a monthly basis. When you do receive a survey invitation you get 5 days to complete and I strongly suggest that you do your best to complete and survey invites from them as every now and the PineCone Research will have a clear out of their members.

Now the really best thing about PineCone Research, here in the UK you earn £4.00 for every paid survey you complete. It is always £4.00 per survey no more or no less. Which means compared to other paid survey sites PineCone Research pays more per minute.


Here is the other great thing about PineCone Research; you do not have to reach a minimum withdrawal threshold before you get your money. Every time your complete a PineCone Research paid survey your payment for doing so is processed within a few days of completing it.

Now there are two choices for receiving payment, you can either be paid via PayPal or you can chose to receive payment in the form of Accor Luncheon vouchers which are sent to you in the post. Although receiving Luncheon vouchers may seem a bit strange they can be used in various food outlets such as Iceland, Sainsburys, Starbucks or McDonanlds to name just a few.


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    • profile image

      Raj 4 years ago

      Want to join PineCone India Panel:

      Registered users can please refer me at

    • profile image

      sowmya 6 years ago

      I have found invite links for US,Uk but I am from India if u find any invite link for Indians pls send it to

    • PaperNotes profile image

      PaperNotes 7 years ago

      Thanks for the info about Pine Cone, I'll definitely look out for their banners.