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Places to Keep You Money Safe

Updated on May 29, 2013


If you are looking for some safe place to keep your money on the long term, you need to move away from the traditional CDs and bonds. Below are some instruments where you can keep your money safe. You should keep your money in physical objects, not money, as money around the world is now fiat money, which means that they aren’t completely backed by gold. 


Although you can put your coins and banknotes in a safe, due to inflation, they will loose in value, but they are good to start with. 


Jewelry (rings, necklaces, etc) are excellent ways to keep your money safe, because precious metal are know to keep their value. Of course the price for gold, silver, and palladium also changes and can certainly go down, on the long run they tend to go up in value over decades. 


Buy paintings, sculptures, etc. Over the decades they tend to rise in value too. When you need money, you can auction them off or sell to galleries. 

Scrap metal

You can sell them at scrap metal merchants. 

Buy small forests

If the forest doesn’t burn down, or chopped out, it is likely to stay for many decades and centuries. When you need money you can just sell the trees for wood. 


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