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Planning Your 2009 For Success!

Updated on December 15, 2008

Getting Started Now Instead of in January Sometime

With the end of 2008 approaching rapidly and 2009 closely on it's heals, people often take this time of year to reflect on the previous year at hand. Many people start asking "Where did this year go?" and wonder why they weren't able to accomplish what they were wanting to get done. I'm the same way, except I find myself reflecting back on the accomplishments of 2008 more so than the short comings.

While 2008 had it's ups and downs, it was so far my most successful year professionally. I really truly feel like I have taken large steps to "make it" to where I ultimately want to be and financially the year wasn't to shabby either with me breaking every previous income level from my most successful years prior to me jumping into the land of the gainfully unemployed entrepreneurs. The only really downfall, which did throw me for a loop, was getting divorced suprisingly from my wife. While most people would dwell on such an unhappy occurance, I decided to remove my rearview thinking and charge forward. It has actually allowed me to enjoy life a lot more and take advantage of the buffet that life has in mind for us all. Life is a play ground, and unfortunately we all forget that from time to time! I don't who or where I heard that from, but it holds true.

Anyway, as I get back on track here, I like to review my goals from the previous year and outline and write up my newest goals for the new year. I believe it was Harvard that studied its graduates by having half the class write down what they wanted to accomplish and then letting the other half of the graduating class slide by. After reviewing the status and accomplishments of that graduating class 10 years later, it was overwhelimingly amazing at the amount of success that the "written" half had accomplished with the half that hadn't written anything down. The same can be said for us as individuals without the Harvard degree!

Whether it's to do or DO lists as I call them, they have a tendency to remind us and keep us on task as we go through our day to day activities. God knows that life will tackle us and defer us from getting the really important things in life done, but having a written and visible reminder of what we want to accomplish in life this year not only allows us the focus to make them happen, but gives people that see our goals the right to hold us accountable and help us achieve the impossible.

After getting divorced in June of this year, I packed up my belongings and moved them into one of those portable storage units for a few months. I moved my clothes from my house when it sold to my brother's Tim's house and then on to another house that he bought, and then finally into my Pflugerville home three months later. When I was unpacking my office and bathroom, I came across my framed goals that I like to display. I was amazed at the amount of items that I had already accomplished for the year.  I laughed at the things that I had accomplished so far during the year and how I had just a little more work to accomplish what I wanted to!  I've always been a big proponent of posting your goals, but now I am a even bigger one! 

I'm even willing to post my goals right here for everyone to see.  I'm not bragging (as my ex used to say), but hoping that you will take some insight to what I am trying to accomplish and run with whatever you might learn from me and hope that I can help inspire you in some way as well. 


1.                  MAKE $500,000 IN INCOME



4.                  TRAVEL TO DUBAI IN THE LAST QUARTER OF 2009


6.                  BUY 52 PROPERTIES THIS YEAR

7.                  SPEAK ON STAGE 12 TIMES THIS YEAR


9.                  DEVELOP 2ND PRODUCT

10.              WRITE 6 EBOOKS

11.              FINISH “TALES FROM THE ROAD”



14.              WRITE 1 BLOG PER WEEK!

15.              SEE 12 NFL, NBA, AND MLB GAMES (36 TOTAL)

16.              DROP 50 POUNDS!

17.              RUN 6 5K’S

18.              MOVE DOWNTOWN BY JUNE




As you can see, I have some very specific goals ranging from personal, to travel, to income, and on to other areas.  The key is now to break them down into specific manageable goals.  Let's start with something that everyone wants: losing weight.  Well, if I want to hit my goal of losing 50 pounds lost, that would mean that I need to lose almost 1 pound per week, which isn't that unheard of!  Walking a bit more, eating more salads than cheeseburgers, and drinking a lot more water are parts of this goals when you get down to specifics.

Another goal that people in my line of work focus on is income.  If I want to make $500,000 this next year, that comes down to $41,667 a month or for our benefit, let's say $42K.  Well, I know that I will make at least $10K a month mentoring on the road, so that leaves me $32K to come up with, or $16K per week that I don't travel.  That's not to hard when you consider that number is right on where I want to be in buying, selling and realizing profits.  So, if I need to make $32K a month, that equals $384K in deals or close 24 deals next year making on average $16K net a piece.  That comes down either I make close to $1.4K a day on average or make $3k a day at home.  Let's focus on the 24 deals.

If it takes me 10 offers to find one deal, that means, I need to be making a total of 240 offers next year using my formulas to generate the needed income.  That may mean that I need to make 20 offers a month on REO's.  Now if I want to focus on other means like direct mail.  Well, if I am getting a 4% response rate to my direct mail piece, that means that I need to send out 500 marketing pieces per month or 125 per week or 25 per week day.  As you can see, when you break these numbers down, they aren't that bad. 

As far as the vacations that I want to travel to, I've already researched the airfare and trips.  Australia, New Zealand, and Tahiti are going to cost me a cool $5k for 21 days worth of travel! Dubai would cost me around $2500 and my cruise will cost me about $1K.  That's without even using any of the cool travel tricks that I use to save me thousands of dollars each year in travel costs.  I've got pictures of the islands printed out and placed on my fridge and computer to remind me of my goals!

Some of my goals are intertwined.  My $100K in residual will definitely help me reach my ultimate goal of $500K and my 6, 5k's will help me reach my goal of losing weight.  Whatever you do, plan your goals out and break them down into managable and reachable goals.  It's the small things in life and the willingness of some to do the necessary things in life that sets those rare individuals apart from the rest of us. Remember, life is a buffet!  Eat up!  Life is also a playground, we just seem to forget about it from time to time!  Take the time to plan out your goals.  I know that I always feel much better about myself when I look at them and know that I can work a little harder to obtain them.  Just think of how you will feel a year from now!  Take the time and plan your goals today.  The playground and buffet awaits!

Scott with my brothers and their girlfreinds!

Tim, Lindsay, Scott, Arlene, and Mike
Tim, Lindsay, Scott, Arlene, and Mike

Scott Dancing it up In Glendale during Dinner!

Should this be legal in all 50 states?

Can Scott Actually Dance?

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    • profile image

      Andrew Caine 

      9 years ago

      looks like you were having a lot of fun!


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