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Planning to Join AMWAY - Read this and make Informed Decision

Updated on April 12, 2011

Making an Informed Decision

In any business opportunity - it is very important for the resource to make an informed decision before joining the business opportunity.

What is an Informed Decision? Informed Decision is a decision that the resource analyzes the pros and cons of making a specific decision, studies the benefits and risks, and whichever decision gives him a lesser risk - and maximum benefit - takes that option.

A brief overview of Amway: Amway is a direct selling company and manufacturer that sells a variety of products, primarily in health, beauty and home care markets. This company was founded in 1959. It is ranked by Forbes as the largest private company in the United States.

Amway Marketing Practice: Amway's Marketing Practices tend to be very poor. They are pretty much focussed on the old marketing methods such as chasing prospects, friends and families, talking to people you know. These practices no longer work - and tend to create a very toxic environment. 

Secondly, the marketing for reps. in Amway has become highly and extremely competitive. There are too many prospects in the market who have joined making it increasing difficult for the new reps. to make any money. In some cases, the coaches are not very efficient - and they tend to teach poor marketing practices - which also affects the chances of becoming successful.

I would strongly recommend any new prospect NOT to Join Amway for the following reasons:

  1. Amway Marketing Practices are very poor and they tend to stick around the traditional marketing methods.
  2. Although, the perks look lucrative  - there is no real money made at the starter level.
  3. There is increased pressure for the new reps. to achieve the specific goals they set.
  4. The lead time to recruit a distributor and retain them is very high making it increasing challenging to go to the higher level.
  5. Amway follows a pyramid scheme - where the people who are in the top level benefit more than the people who are in the bottom level.
  6. Amway Marketing Practices tend to create a toxic environment around - such as talking and convincing people we know - friends and family, people whom we associate with on a regular basis - colleagues etc..
  7. Amway Products are very expensive and they use bait marketing techniques to convince people to buy products or join the business.
From all of the above reasons - I would always inform that when somebody wants to be an amway distributor or a distributor of any other marketing company - it is very important that he should have a complete knowledge and understanding of their marketing practices, action plan reviews. 
If you are looking to know more about advanced marketing strategies- or would like to get more information, please be sure to click the link here.


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