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Plans for 2013, Mortgage, Loans, Life

Updated on April 2, 2013

Current situation

So, at the moment we're living in a pleasant 3 bedroom flat, with a good size garden and off road parking. Which according to the Estate Agent is worth something but the Building surveyour said it wasn't. Maybe he was having an off day but unfortunately it's his view that matters.

We have been paying of the Mortgage for 10 years now and have a few other minor irritants that will be paid off soon.


So what can I achieve in 2013? Can I get the few irritants paid off and then focus on getting some savings to enable the possibility to save for a new property come late 2013 early 2014.

But how much will I need? With Mortgage fees, Insurances, Solicitors and Moving companies it will be a big saving scheme.

Also depending on much more I can pay off the current mortgage over the next year, I'm not tied in to anything and just watching and waiting for the right time, so there won't be any early payment charges.

Sumo Films

New business

Creating a business and having a second income will be a good start, it could take a while to get started though. I'm learning about the Tax and accounts at the moment as I get myself ready.

But soon I think that my little Sumo Films will be something more than just a hobby, I'll have to have a think about some projects and start working on them, from Doodles to possibly Live action.

With this I need tools, and am looking at possible means to upgrade my current animation equipment to make things a little easier and crate things a little better. Or at least give me a way to start some new projects in other areas.


If I'm successful

If I'm successful in my goals then maybe in a few months time I can start to share some results. Share progress updates and show how things are going. Maybe stop looking at properties on the internet and actually go look at one.

If I'm really successful I might even be able to upgrade the sofware that I use to make my movies and give them a little more of a professional look. Why, I might even be able to go college and get a degree in movie making. We can but have goals. But one step at a time and we'll see how far we get.

To do list

Credit Cards
Still Paying
Still Paying
Still Paying
Still Paying
Still Paying
Still Paying

The Table

During 2013, let's see how many of the annoying little "Still Paying" boxes I can get rid of.


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