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Plastic Card Printing

Updated on September 12, 2012

The uses of Plastic Cards

If you have your own business or you are self employed and want to sell your services to the public, then you may consider buying plastic cards to help you in your business endeavours.

Why would you use plastic cards?

Plastic cards are a new idea for business cards, but they also have many other uses. They should be considered as an investment in providing services to your customers and building a brand around your business.

Some of the uses of plastic cards are:

Membership cards - If you own a gym, or a business that has a subscription. Preprinted professional looking membership cards are a must. It will make your small business look like a professional operation and will also help build the brand as your customers will carry your cards around with them.

Loyalty Cards - If you have a retail store then you may want to consider loyalty cards. In these uncertain economic times loyalty cards can be a big business boost. There are many ways you can use these, you can add points to build up credit on each sale or you can have a nandos style point accumulation that will mean a free product after a number of purchases. Whatever way you choose to use Loyalty cards you will have an initial payment for the cards and a clear strategy built into your prices. These cards can then become another weapon in your marketing arsenal that will boost business and help promote your brand to other potential customers.

Gift Cards - Most businesses will be able to use these and they are an excellent way of injecting cash into your business, especially at Christmas time when the majority of Gift cards will be bought. Its a great way of getting cashflow into your business and its a convenient way for customers to gift your products and services.

Key Cards are an excellent system to have in offices and in hotels. It will make your hotel look professional, although you will need to invest in some key card locks on each door. If you are looking to improve the image of your hotel, keycards will do this. All of the large hotel chains use them and if cards are lost by customers you are not compromising security, this would be more troublesome with lost keys.

Business Cards, instead of using cardboard business cards you can use plastic cards. Its a unique selling point and you can also have more flexibility in design. Its a good way to make an unforgettable business card that potential customers will want to keep.

As you can see plastic cards are an excellent tool to be used in running your business, when used right it can increase sales significantly.

Your business card strategy


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