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PokemonGo (PKG): The World's First Pop Culture Associated Cryptocurrency

Updated on June 2, 2018
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I am a writer. Since 2013, I have owned a local newspaper in Wewoka, OK, The Wewoka Chronicle. I am currently freelancing on Snip.Today.

PokemonGo is already high-end technology.

A new age game takes on a new age currency.
A new age game takes on a new age currency. | Source

PokémonGo (PKG)

The first Pop Culture associated Blockchain project is the PokémonGo (PKG) token. It's not the first game platform that operates on the Blockchain. The platform uses virtual and augmented reality through machine learning technology to recreate the world of PokémonGo. Tokens will be used to buy digital goods in multiple games.

The project hopes to reduce fraud and redundancy by utilizing digital signatures on the blockchain to verify and confirm transactions. The game PokémonGo has been widely popular with Post-Millennials, Millennials, Xers, and Baby Boomers alike by creating an augmented reality so gameplay can get people off of the couch and out in the real world to find "Poké Balls" containing Pokémon so that "Poké Battles" can take place.

Augmented Reality is a new age technology that takes gamers off of the couch.

By adding the game to gamers surroundings, augmented reality changes the game.
By adding the game to gamers surroundings, augmented reality changes the game. | Source

Virtual Reality, Augmented Reality, and Machine Learning Technology

Virtual Reality (VR) is a genre of tech that gives users an experience of a new world through the visor of VR technology like the Oculous or the HTC Vive. Completely immersing them into a whole new world, VR stretches the reach of reality.

Augmented Reality (AR) does the same kind of thing, except with AR, the tech takes the surroundings of the user to make a world built off of the surroundings using screens or a VR visor. AR in apps like PokémonGo add the program specifics to GPS and visual data to create the experience.

Machine Learning uses algorithms to collect data and evolve the gaming experience through logic. In humans, it can be compared to involuntary function like yawning when someone else yawns. Machine learning can match a player's ability by studying the player's strategy and mapping their ability.

PokémonGo utilizes all of these to create the ultimate real-world game experience, making the world you see everyday the "Poké Battlegrounds." It learns from where you've been and changes with your abilities.

Gaming on the Go

Gamers get out into the real-world and hunt Pokeballs through Augmented Reality.
Gamers get out into the real-world and hunt Pokeballs through Augmented Reality. | Source

The PKG Token

PKG is an ERC20-based token. ERC20 is an Ethereum (ETH) chain that can sustain outside tokens through smart contracts giving users a multi-currency wallet. The PKG token capitalizes on the peer to peer dynamic of the ERC20 Blockchain, and allows users to purchase digital goods on a number of games using no real world cash or cards in the transaction.

PKG has a total supply of 10 Billion tokens. The ICO launched on April 27th, 2018 at the price of 1 ETH = 100,000 PKG with a soft cap of 1600 ETH (approximately $1,000,000) and a hard cap of 20,000 ETH (approximately $12,000,000). There was an Airdrop that distributed almost 50% of the tokens.

Timeline of PokemonGo PKG Token Development

January 2018
PKG Token Development
March 2018
PKG Airdrop
May 2018
PKG ICO Presale
July 2018
PKG will be on Crypto exchanges and enters development of decentralized architecture.
September 2018
The first architectural components
December 2018
A decentralized host system and control elements
January 2019
Project launch in Japan and Germany
March 2019
Adding payment in tokens
May 2019
Developing a decentralized system
July 2019
Developing a smart-contract for user interactions
September 2019
Launching a centralized platform in Europe and USA
December 2019
Launching the final release version of the decentralized PKG gaming
Though the project token is launching in 2018, the project launches in Japan and Germany in 2019 and worldwide in 2020.



Is this token targeting kids unfairly?

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