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Power Bill Too High??

Updated on January 30, 2012

I don't know about your power bill but my bill was crazy a year ago. I don't have a huge house nor did i run the a/c all the time. So what was I doing wrong? Everything. Leaving everything on and not paying attention to anything. Common sense things you would think I would realize, I was ignoring. To change my power bill, I first cut off the a/c or heat whenever I could. If i wasn't home- it was off. If I came home and it was hot, i simply moved the temperature down only a degree or two. Instead of say moving it from 78 down to 70, I would opt for 76. Then after it got to 76 if I wanted cooler I would move it down then.

Now, I barely even do that. I use a fan to cool down for a few minutes then unplug it. If it's a bit stuffy or too hot, I open the door or windows for a few minutes to get air circulating. Next thing I do, is I try to wash clothes and dry less. If I wear a shirt to say the grocery store, I will hang it right back up (as long as I know I didn't touch anything). Didn't mention this before, but I am a bit of a germ freak. What about your blue jeans....they take forever to dry usually. A trick I use is throw a clean/dry towel in with the jeans and it cuts the drying time in half. Also, don't dry 5 pair of jeans at one time. Only a few at a time.

My favorite tip is to unplug whatever you can at all times. Don't just unplug things when you are away from home, do it when you are there. So you love watching tv, but if you can unplug it when when not watching it will be surprised how your power bill will decrease. Unplug phone charges, microwaves, or any unused electronics. This tip alone will tremendously make a difference in your bill. Any tip you have for me would be much appreciated too!


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