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Retirement Planning for Everyone

Updated on April 15, 2013

Retirement is Certain

Retirement is a stage in life which all will soon reach, unless you die earlier. It is a stage which all will experience after a lifetime of hard work. Because of this, preparing for retirement should be part of your plan. Planning for it should be made even when you are still young, as no age is too early to plan for retirement.

Despite this, there are many who would want to put off planning and preparing for their retirement years thinking that it is still something that is far off. Moreover, some may still be in denial. There are those who simply do not want to grow old and they think that pushing these kinds of thoughts in the back of their mind would somehow delay it's happening.

Retirement and old age can be a frightening proposition but it should not be so when you know you have prepared for this final stage in your life. The essence of retirement is that it must be enjoyed, and not the source of fear. For this to happen, one must put in a well-thought of plan and more significantly, the commitment to make this plan a reality.

Old age, too far to worry about?
Old age, too far to worry about? | Source


1. Financial dependence

If you have invested wisely during your prime years and has accumulated some property, you might be lucky to have your own house. If you don't have a home of your own, you might be left with fewer options and living in a home for the elderly may be your only choice. Having your own house may have it's own advantages or disadvantages. It would be nice to have personal space, and peace and quite. The disadvantages may include doing all the chores by yourself including house maintenance which can be difficult when you are already in your advanced age.

2. Limited Mobility

Limited mobility can either be due to physical limitations or lack of transportation alternatives. When one grows older, it is best to be able to move around on your own, so having your own car is a great advantage. If you have a problem driving one due to hearing or sight problems, you might want to hire a personal driver if you can afford it. Hence, mobility will not be much of a problem if you've taken cared of your finances early.

3. Financial preparation

Having a sound financial plan as early as now and setting aside for you retirement is a must. Instead of putting money in things or investments that don't grow in value, I believe it is better to set aside a neat monthly sum, on top of your savings, for retirement. Am I too late?

4. Preparing the body

Equally important is preparing and gearing your body for old age. There is no sure-fire way to avoid the pain and ills of senior years it's not too late. Start living a healthy lifestyle. Having everything in moderation will also do its wonders. Avoiding certain food that wreak havoc on your system. Learn to limit body fat content to reduce the risk of hypertension, diabetes and other cardiovascular diseases associated with high body fat.

5. Accepting that old age is inevitable

Fear and denial will get the best of you. Retirement and old age is a stage that all humans will get to. It is best to acknowledge that this event in life is natural and normal. Preparation allows more control of the future and confidence to face the inevitable. If you are the type who view old age, as a battle, wouldn't it be a more practical idea to prepare for it effectively to increase your chances of survival?


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    • profile image

      martinnitsim 5 years ago

      well steve i got it from a mate so here is the link

      and some info ,check out there great prices ,say martin recommened you

    • profile image

      Cat 6 years ago


      Thank you for sharing this. I'm 37, single and working abroad for 4 years now. I' m already thinking about my retirement. I have a 85 contribution already, the only concern I have is will my monthly pension be enough when I retire because this is the only preparation I have. Im paying the max contribution a month and p2,000 monthly for flexifund. I already have a small house and lot in Quezon City. Im glad i found this article. Sana marami sa kababayan natin ang mamulat ng maaga na kailangan nating bigyan ng pansin ang retirement. May God bless you and keep sharing :)

    • gmmurgirl profile image

      Gei Moore 6 years ago from Pilipinas

      Hi Mr. Dave Mathews! Thanks, I would want to put an exact figure and $100 would be a good start! Thanks for that!

    • Dave Mathews profile image

      Dave Mathews 6 years ago from NORTH YORK,ONTARIO,CANADA

      The one thing I would recommend to all. From age 21 to age 65 or beyond, If possible deposit $100. or more per month every month into an RSP. and never touch it until you retire.