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Preparing for Eighteen.

Updated on October 23, 2013

The excitement.

What every teen is waiting for, the day that you get to call yourself an adult and the day that you legally can stay out all night and potentially move out of your parents house. The day that your parent(s) can't tell you what to do anymore. The one thing some teens don't think about is, "Oh, right, I have to pay for my own things now," Now, you'll have to make sure you have everything in order to survive before you move out of your parents house and they'll then stop buying you food and clothes and other miscellaneous things you may want. But if you're looking to move out the day you turn eighteen there's a few things that you need to prepare yourself for. And if you aren't prepared then, you're not moving out unless you have a really good friend that is going to pay for Everything and if they already have a place to live. Its all exciting until the day you turn eighteen and you realize you really aren't prepared for a single thing. If you didn't take the time to plan before hand you're going to be living at home for a lot longer than you would have wanted to, unless you like couch surfing I guess or living at home for however many more years it'll take you to save enough money to move out.

You really don't want to end up on the street.
You really don't want to end up on the street.

You have a job, don't you?

Years before you turn eighteen you should have a job, and you really should have a car, even if it is some old beat up car, if it runs then its good enough, as long as you can get to work and back home, because if your parent(s) give you a ride now, do you really think that when you move out that they'll leave their house or work just to come pick you up so you can go to work or elsewhere? So really it would make no sense at all, if you were to move out and you had no job, no car, and sometimes you might even need two jobs. You just have to make sure your job will support you and will make you able to pay for, food, gas, rent and allow you to be able to save money for a future house, and if one job doesn't cut it then get a second job. You'd be crazy to move out of your parents house without a job. Hopefully you got a job at fourteen and have been saving up till this point when you turn eighteen. The key word is Save, save everything you make especially if you are living at home and you have a job, you don't have to pay rent, you don't have to pay for all the groceries and what not. But when you move out you do. So prepare yourself for paying for rent, groceries, insurance on a car (if you have a vehicle) Gas (again if you have a vehicle) and miscellaneous bills.

You'll be extreamly excited when it was you who made it possible to move out of your parents house.
You'll be extreamly excited when it was you who made it possible to move out of your parents house.

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Making sure you don't go crazy and spend all your money.

If you happen to have a job before you're eighteen and you still live at home, you in most cases aren't paying for rent or really anything else. So what are you going to spend your money on? "EVERYTHING!" Is what you're thinking, but hold on, think for a moment and think about what you're trying to buy,

  • Is it worth the money?
  • Do you really need it?
  • How long are you even going to use it?
  • Are you just going to throw it away in a few weeks/months?

You really just have to think about this object that you're buying. And just look at how much you get paid, if you really have to buy stuff, set a spending limit. But the first paycheck is usually when you spend the most out of your check, because its the first time you're getting paid and now you have "so much" money and you just cant wait to spend ALL of it, and usually you end up blowing it all on worthless items. But again you really just need to stop yourself and think, think about what you really need that object for, think hard, because every cent counts when you're saving money, save whatever you possibly can. A good thing to do is look around before you turn eighteen and see what the prices are to rent a place, that usually will get you on the right track to saving money. Ask you parent/parents how much groceries cost and that will give you a good idea on what you'll be spending. Give yourself a limit on what you can spend each month on miscellaneous things so you can save more money.

Age group.
Percentage of Adults who Still Live at Home.

Key points.

  • Get a job as early as you can.
  • Save as much money as you can.
  • Prepare yourself for moving out.
  • Find roommates that won't flake out on you. (It'll be cheaper and easier in some cases to find a place to live.)
  • Make sure before you move out that you have enough money saved up for any accidents that may occur and that you'll be able to pay for rent and anything else and that you'll still be able to save money.
  • Once you're eighteen, find a place to live, with or without roommates.

Don't think you can just do Anything when you turn eighteen and you're still preparing to move out.

If you are still living at home when you turn eighteen and you're still trying to build up your savings account , don't just assume you can stay out All night and come home at ridiculous hours, party and basically just do whatever you wish, because if you have forgotten already, but you're eighteen and it is now legal for your parent to kick you out. Because, really if you think about it, you're parents are still allowing you to live at home and you're being rude by disrespecting your parents and maybe your parent/parents are okay with you doing these things, then I guess whatever, but you probably don't want to make a habit of partying all night and whatever, because once you're on your own you won't be able to get close to doing any of those things and maybe you can if you have lots of free time.

You have to get money somehow, and thats when getting a job comes in.
You have to get money somehow, and thats when getting a job comes in.

Ask for Advise.

Ask your parents about how they moved out and what they did to be able to move out, and ask friends and family who have moved out. Listen to the story of how they moved out and see if they'll tell you how much money they saved up before they moved out.

Living Situations.

Make sure you look around at apartments, condos or houses that you could rent, before you actually move out, so that you can compare prices and see if you might want to have roommates, you really will probably want only 1-2 roommates, 3 at the most. And you'll need to make sure these roommates are people you'll be able to tolerate. Because you don't want to Make your life hell by moving in with people you don't even like, I mean you could go to your room to get away from them, but you have to live under the same roof as them for a long time.


You're eighteen, you can now go to jail so if you're doing illegal things, now is probably the best time to stop, because legally are an adult now and you will get into trouble just as adults do. You are now going to get charged as an adult if you get caught with illegal substances or if you do something illegal in general. When you get charged as a minor it isn't anything compared to getting charged as an adult. So basically just stop doing whatever illegal thing you're doing, because everyone gets caught at some point in their life.


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