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Products Not To Cheap Out On

Updated on August 1, 2012

So many people talk about paying low prices. Which is great. Just keep in mind, you get what you pay for.

How many paper towels does it take to clean a small mess?

The answer should be 1-3. However, when using a cheap brand it can take up to 6! That means you are going to go through a pack of paper towels before you know it. At the register its cheaper and it saves you money, but purchase the biggest pack of a better brand (does not have to be the most expensive) and you may not need to buy more paper towels the next time you are out and about.

What about the toilet paper situation?

I swear I just put a brand new roll of toilet paper in the bathroom and now it is all gone. I noticed that we are going through so much toilet paper. When we have the better brand like Charmin (my favorite) it takes awhile to go through.

Does your baby go though more than 10 diapers per day?

When a parent sees diapers for less than $18 a box its like Christmas. But, will those diapers work? If the diapers leak it can stain up clothes, furniture, and sheets. With certain diapers you couldn't even go for a car ride without a blowout happening.

And the wipe situation?

How many wipes do you need to get the job done? With my son I typically use 2-3. Anything more than that would be a waste. My favorite brands are Huggies and Luvs.


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    • Traci21 profile image

      Traci 5 years ago from North Carolina

      I thought about this topic while cleaning up my daughters mess. I used almost a half of the roll! :) I

    • Brittanie2216 profile image

      Brittanie Pervier 5 years ago from Seattle WA

      Nice hub I always stick with luvs they are less expensive but still dependable. I didn't know about the paper towels though