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Why it makes Sense to Invest in the Property Market to Benefit from Accelerating Inflation

Updated on January 15, 2011

Can Real Estate Property Really Hedge Against Inflation

One of the most compelling reason to invest in and own real estate property is as a wealth protection hedge against rising inflation.

Personally I believe its important to base your investment decisions based on your own unique circumstances. I've collected the most useful articles that considers the relationship between inflation and property market based. whenever possible I've choose articles that represent the different perspectives to allow us a more balance insight into this issue.

How Does Rising Global Inflation Affect You?

Without going into the details of the causes of global inflation, the inflation trend seems to have picked up momentum after 2009.

For those who already have millions in the bank, the effect of inflation is to continually "eat" into your money in the bank or even the stock market. For those who have good cash flow of steady paychecks but no much net wealth, the bad news is that the rate of wage increases is unlikely to keep pace with the rising inflation.

Its interesting that inflation seems to be a "fair" threat in that it can negatively affects both the rich and the poor, although on different levels.


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