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Updated on December 26, 2010

Everyone these days is talking or thinking of making more money or finding that hidden stash in a form of antics in the attic or ones garage, well Bingo that hidden stash of cash has always been in front of our noses. The only difference is that you are not generating new income entering the household (while that is an idea that I would support 100%), instead you are stopping existing income exiting your pockets or bank accounts in a form of waste. Where?

  • We see it on the mirror every day in a form of habits that we develop within our daily routines
  • We feel it on our skin in form of air while we perform our commonly daily duties.

Every month a significant amount of your hard earned money is leaving your household in order to pay for energy that you did not use, don't take me wrong you turned it on, but you didn't use it.

Let me explain: An average 50% of the energy passing through your meters is being wasted, (and we have no one to blame but our self's) either electric, gas, water or whatever meters companies are using to measure your household energy intake, I am not talking just the famous 20% that appliances claim to use while on stand by, that is only the tip of the iceberg. So let’s see 50% is a big number? If our average monthly gas electric and water bills were 200 Euros or Dollars you could half that just by rebooting yourself or just changing your habits, so lets start with the important part.

In the first group we will enter some saving tips that everyone hears but don't really take the time to do it, below are the reasons for you to start doing it:

Change your light bulbs that instead of using a 60 watt bulb you could use a 12 to 25 watts bulb giving you the same result, I am not saying to darken your study where you do most of your writing and just go blind, on that occasion you may use a dimmed bulb that you can control, now take an average household that has 12-15 light-bulbs and 6 of them being used an average of 5 hours each day that makes 150 light hrs per bulb times 6 bulbs that makes us 150 x 6 = 900 hrs. Now multiply that by 60 watt per each bulb 900 x 60 = 54000 watts that will be 54 kilowatt hours per month, calculating your average meter charge at 20 cent per kilowatt hour (depending on your energy suppliers charges) that will be 10.80 €/$/£ instead if you were using low watts high lucidity energy saving bulbs ,lets say 12 watts bulbs that would mean 80% saving on lights only instead of €10.80 your lighting monthly bill will be under €2.20, over the course of the year that means a saving of over £/$/€105!

I don't know about you but £/$/€105 in savings on lighting alone, I am putting to better use, especially in this hard times, such as paying for my over priced, over valued house, but that is not the point (we are in this together, new homeowners of Ireland) back on the subject, buying large quantities of energy sufficient bulbs can be a bit expensive especially if you are on a budget (as most of us are).

Try my technique, every time you do your grocery shopping buy 1 or 2 light bulbs, that way in a few weeks your lighting will be complete and we move to bigger savings, unless you live in Buckingham palace that might take you years of shopping, nevertheless I believe these are wise words if directed towards English taxpayers ears.

Now this are numbers that you don't really think about but when broken down will make sense to all of us so let’s break it down. Guess what, your lighting bill of $/£/€ 10.80 will now be taxed from your local government at a rate of 12 to 30% depending on where you live, also, a carbon tax will now be applied to your bill depending on the amount of kilowatt hours that you used or number of persons per household. How do you like that? I really don't.


You are paying for energy not really needed and being taxed twice on energy that is basically going into the trash, so, even if you are not an environmentalist think about the income leaving your household directly into the trash (it is like buying your grocery and dumping it into the bin instead of the fridge).

In this chapter I am just warming up, on the next we will write about heavy duty savings involving our household heating and the energy that escape our houses in big numbers without even serving its purpose and money that should be directed towards other pleasures in our life’s, so if you want changes take charge yourself and make it happen, don't wait for others to make changes for you.

The next chapter will follow very soon, stay tuned!

By Redjan & Josyenne


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    • jjosyenne profile imageAUTHOR


      7 years ago

      Thanks, there will be more soon...

    • schoolmarm profile image


      7 years ago from Florida

      Great information. It helps when you see the actually amount you can save. Thanks for these tips!


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