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Purolator Sucks: “We Missed You”… Again!

Updated on October 9, 2010

Canadians are used to getting few shipping options when shopping online. Although I’ve received packages from Canada Post, Fed Ex, UPS, USPS, DHL and Purolator, a choice of two (or three, if lucky) from the list seems to be the norm on a typical shopping day.

This lack of choice leads to getting burned by the same shipping outfits time and time again.

Options for international shipments can be sticky. UPS will rob you with exorbitant import fees if you make the mistake of going with their “cheapest” option. Thankfully, the fee is waived if you pick Expedited Services or one of the other premium options.

Purolator has an entirely different problem that can’t be avoided. Purolator drivers avoid YOU.

I’ve missed a fair share of shipments. Most companies will have a driver come by at least twice understanding that people are busy and not completely home-bound, given the fact they are popping by at an arbitrary time.

The Purolator driver in my locale comes by once, often early in the day, and nine times out of ten I miss the delivery. There is no second chance. I’ve now been issued the infamous “We missed you!” slip telling me exactly when they tapped on my door for three second then gave up. There is a stamped address of Devon Plaza where I live in Windsor.

Packages may cause blindness.
Packages may cause blindness.
The mysterious Purolator driver is rarely seen. Do these people really exist?
The mysterious Purolator driver is rarely seen. Do these people really exist?

When I paid for a product to be delivered to me but have to go through the chore of driving way out of my way to present photo ID and grab the package, a nasty thought goes through my mind.

Would it have been easier for me to simply go to a local shop like Future Shop or Best Buy?

Sure, this isn’t always the case as many of the items I purchase aren’t available locally. Still, online shopping is meant to be the ultimate in convenience. Purolator finds a way to degrade that to a level so low you wonder why you did it.

It goes back to the original point that Canadian shoppers lack options online and there are times when services from Purolator are a necessary evil.

Given the choice between UPS’ import fees and Purolator, even the idea of missing a delivery again seems like a risk worth taking.

The back of the Purolator slip has an authorization form that allows the driver to waive the need to obtain a signature upon delivery. It wouldn’t be fair for me to exclude this fact.

My problem with this solution is it isn’t very secure to dump a parcel on your porch when the contents may be worth a hundred dollars and up. In the suburbs I can see it but for city dwellers in less than ideal neighborhoods it’s strikes me as risky.

It is also tough to give the driver that level of trust when he or she has never gone beyond the bare minimum level of effort to ensure you get deliveries.

As much as I hate to finally give in, it looks like I will be signing this form today. If boxed into a corner in terms of delivery options the Purolator driver can dump the package on my porch in peace. I simply won’t be using these people for expensive items.

Share Your Purolator Horror Stories

If you found this page it’s reasonable to believe you probably agree that “Purolator sucks”. Please pick up your pitchfork and torch, and post a comment outlining your experiences.

With enough bad press we can hope Purolator may take a hard look at their business model, or at least a boy can dream.


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    • profile image

      Derek 5 years ago

      This is the last straw! If I could give 0 stars to you I would. I am absolutely fed up with the incompetence and ineptitude exhibited by Purolator, especially Purolator International. Upon placing an order in New York (to Canada) I was given an estimated delivery time of 2-5 business days - well it is now day 10 and nothing, not even a plausible explanation. The individuals at the call centre, though polite, seem to be taught to give a 'pat-answer' of "Oh it is out of our hands until it reaches Canada" or "it is on the back of a trailer" blah, blah, blah ... and apparently have no idea where my package is - WHAT!!! NYC is only an 8 hr drive from Ottawa - how hard can it possibly be?

      For goodness sakes Purolator, you are supposed to be a professional delivery company. You proffer that one can confidently rely on you to get their delivery in a timely manner. I think you have forgotten your true reason for being: CUSTOMER SERVICE!!!!!! Aside from the lip service offered at your call centre it is missing. Inflated pricing and pathetic unreliability - you've lost a customer for life!

    • profile image

      Mel 5 years ago

      I totally agree. Purolator sucks, they have messed up my deliveries many times. To "Mag", maybe if more of your co-workers gave 300% all the time you wouldn't be on here defending the crappy company you work for.

    • profile image

      crymeariver 6 years ago

      You an always specify signature required if its expensive, or leave at door if you are happy to tak the risk. If you are out of area and are going to be at home try notifying the depot. Seems you guys dont know much about shipping.

    • profile image

      nobodyperfect 6 years ago

      blah, blah, blah. All I hear you guys complaints about these business. Get a life!!!

    • profile image

      truckerto 6 years ago

      to bad all ppl are so perfect and the comp they all work it be a better pl to live

    • profile image

      Paul 6 years ago

      They just suck, I have been waiting 3 days for an overnight shipment, like really? I hope they go out of business and they all starve.

    • profile image

      he 6 years ago

      I wish companies would stop using purolater because I've waited all day for my packages and when I check online it says on vehicle for delivery then a few hours later it says delivery rescheduled... but how did I miss it when I was home all day... and looking outside most of the day... and they never leave any sort of note telling me to pick it up. I have to check online to pick it up... but what if there are people who don't have access to internet or have problems with their computer... geez.

    • profile image

      Ben 6 years ago

      I call their 888# get sent to a dead hold for 30 min.Call local number, no answer. Go there no one knows anything about my parcel, it was sent out but no one knows where it is. AWESOME!

    • profile image

      tim 6 years ago

      yea PURO LATER SUX i got the guy knocked on my door once the next thing i noticed is a dumb note on my door = =

    • profile image

      Jayne 7 years ago

      Yeah I've definitely been HOME and "missed" my package too. I think their employees know how to get away with things..maybe they just stick the sticky on the door so they can finish their round and go home. And the purolator location is SOOO Far away from where I live, i am spending 5bucks of gas to go get's so screwed!!!!

    • profile image

      EU 7 years ago

      WOW.. i just missed my package!!! HOWCOME?? i was home!! and i didnt hear the bells and the knocking!!!? and when i checked the status online,,,.i was like,,HOLYYY SH*T!?Receiver Unavailable ???? i ran out and checked if they left the slip,you know what? nothing there!!! and i called them @ 7:55pm.. LOL.they are closed??????????????!!!!!!!!!!!!!! but isnt that they closed @ 8:00pm?! They should have call me if i was not available~~ so i know that i missed the stupid shipping.

    • profile image

      Me 7 years ago

      Purolator told me they were delivering between 9-5. I took work off to wait. They did not come. They would not come the next day, Saturday. They want me to take off work again in case they do come at the scheduled time. Absurd. I spoke to a number of customer service reps and they are not prepared to correct their carelessness. Mags above is probably part of the problem.

    • profile image

      Maurice 7 years ago

      It's amazing to see and compare how efficient UPS is to the total ineptitude of Purolator. I wouldn't blame the drivers it seems to be a very poorly organized outfit with big warehouses installed as far as possible from their customers. I only wrote Purolator sucks in the search box and here I am venting off. It seems that I'm not the only one suffering from the Purolyte syndrome

    • profile image

      Mags 7 years ago

      I have worked as a courier at Purolator for 13 years and it hurts me to hear these things from people. I always give 300% of myself to my job and have a few hundred customers to back me up on this. you are making a huge general comment about us when I only know a few worthy of your remarks. Broken hearted, and wondering why I bother :(

    • profile image

      dean pointon 7 years ago

      If you would have known you could of ask for a snr sticker and the driver would have left it at your door. Do realize how hard these drivers are pushed and how many stops they need to get off each and every hour.No body in there right mind is going to leave the package in trust knowing how some people might say you didnt leave it. dean pointon 28 years of great purolator service

    • profile image

      Justin 7 years ago

      Purolator is really terrible.

      Somehow they know exactly when I'm out of the house.

      I've NEVER seen a Purolator truck. EVER.

      Then they will say "oh, you weren't available, please come pick up the package at our depot".

      And I track my shipment online and it gives me a location.

      I go there, the person at front tells me the package is not there.

      Apparently the online tracking system lied to me. Wow.

      Never using Purolator again. It sucks big time.

      I didn't pay for this crap. Seriously. What's the point of paying for shipping then?


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