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Pursuing Your Passion – Is it Worth the Effort?

Updated on December 7, 2010

If you have a job and you think you will be able to keep it for few years you should be grateful. If you have job and you enjoy doing it, you are in an elite group for which many people strive for. Each individual is different and everyone have their own priorities in life. Doesn't matter what we like to do, everybody needs money to have a good life style. So whether you like what you do or not, you have to have a vehicle which generates income.

I was told by many people that they don't necessarily love what they do, but they do it because they need money. When they have money, then they can do the things they really love. A agree. The ideal situation is getting paid for what you love to do. Many people get stuck in jobs they don't necessarily like, but they do it because it pays the bills and provides decent life style.

But even if you find yourself in that situation now, you should find ways to do what you really love to do. If your resolve is stronger and continuously thinking about how make it happen, you will find ways and meet people who will help you move in that direction. It also requires courage and self confidence. I know somebody who did masters in computer science and moved on to do masters in fine arts (MFA) in film making.

Follow your passion and love what you do
Follow your passion and love what you do

Good Resources

It is not easy to land in a job which happens to be also your passion. Most of us readily don't know in what area we are good at and what our calling is. Some times it takes some soul searching and deep thinking on your part. Find out all the things you are good at and see what comes on top of that. Check with your spouse or close friends and see what input they will give you.

The fact is finding out what you are good at is only half the story. Once you know what you are good at, you need to pursue it and it won't be easy most of the time. That’s why many people continue doing job they don’t like, because it is not easy to move out of the comfort zone and venture into new territory. 

Once you decide to pursue your passion, you need to make decisions which may not be comfortable for you and your family. You need to find some ways to hone your skills in the field you have chosen to be great at. As your resolve gets stronger, you will have different hurdles as if somebody is testing how strong your determination is. If you persist and keep on trekking forward, you will enjoy the rewards and your determination and hard work will be paid off. You will find meaning and fulfillment in what you do while positively contributing to the society.

After everything is said and done, what you think about your life is far more important than what anyone else thinks. Live your life the way you choose rather than being dictated by somebody or circumstances you think you cannot change. When you pursue your passion, you will bring the best in yourself. You live the life on your terms and enjoying every minute of it.


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