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Put Away The Papers, Finding Work Again

Updated on July 23, 2010

Getting a Job, The Old Fashioned Way

When I first came here, to HubPages, this is the article I wanted to write. I hope you will understand I am not putting down newspapers or job sites that tell you where to go or how to find a job.

Personally I have never had any luck getting a job from the want ads. Most of the time I took the time to go for the interview only to find out that 'Marketing- Will Train- No Experience Necessary' meant you will buy a kit and go on cold call sales. Or "New Company seeks Motivated individuals" meant multi-level marketing.

I have found all of my jobs the same way. I walked in and asked if they needed any help.

I know that sounds old-fashioned, but please let me state the facts and figures for you.

I am 48 years old. I did not get a driver's license or a car until I was 35. I worked, I was head of household, I raised my children and bought a home. Gasoline was at that time less than two dollars per gallon, but I never used any because I always walked to work. Or rode a bicycle if it was farther. I was actually given a bicycle by an employer who wanted me to be able to keep the job as I had two at the time.

I would leave my house to go job hunting and walk towards the nearest business area. I would put applications in at every place that would accept one. I was never out of work for more than three days in a row, unless I wanted to be.

People who only need one employee do not usually run an ad. They tell their staff or they put up a sign in their window. Some places do not need full time help and so split it between the employees they already have, if someone gets sick or has an emergency they are left short handed. If the application in the top of the drawer is yours, and they call you, they need you now.

Look for busy places. Scout the plazas near where you live and see who has the most business. Go in and see how the staff is handling the business. Chances are, if you ask the manager if he's hiring he will say yes.

When your friends are telling you how busy they are at work, just swamped, ask if they are hiring. Perhaps the two of you could ride together and share fuel expenses.

Maybe you just need something part time, to make ends meet. Let them know that you will not beg for more hours, because you already have another job. This is just to make bills. Tell them you live in the neighborhood, so even if your car broke down, you could get to work on time.

Many people do not live near businesses. I get that. But take a walk this weekend, just in the general direction of your nearest strip mall. Perhaps it is not as far or as long of a walk as you think. I have heard the average person walks between two and five miles per hour. If you can walk for an hour, you can probably find a job that will save you on gas money.

Now you can contact your insurance company. Many are now giving a discount if you drive less than twenty miles per day. If you can walk to work, you can save on your premium, and wear and tear on the car. Plus you can get in shape if you are not already. Maybe take off that extra five or ten pounds that has been driving down your energy levels.

I Don't want to Walk to Work

Perhaps it seems insane in this day and age to walk to work. The point is to get you to look closer to home. People who ride bicycles, take buses, or walk tend to work closer to home, while people who drive might drive an hour or more each way.

That might sound fine, but if your car breaks down halfway, you're stuck aren't you?

When I was working in Miami after the hurricanes in 2005 I was going from West Palm Beach Florida to Miami, to work. There were people leaving Miami to come up to West Palm Beach to work. That is crazier than finding a job close to home. I had to leave at 4:30 in the morning to catch a ride and would not get back home until eight in the evening. I had no electricity at the time due to the hurricane. It sure would have been nice to work close, as I was making $9.00 an hour and no travel time. I was paid for ten of the thirteen and a half hours away from home.

One of the guys lost his gas tank halfway to work and had to have his vehicle towed and repaired at the time. If he had been working elsewhere for less money he might have been further ahead at the end of the day. Another had two tires blow out an hour from home. That's a hefty towing bill, let me tell you.

In summary: If you work close to home you save on gas, auto insurance, maintenance costs on your vehicle. You might not even need your roadside assistance any more. You are able to spend more time with your family. You are reducing waste and pollution. You are probably doing less take out or fast food which is healthier too. Add in the free exercise, if you decide to walk or ride a bike, so that's an added health bonus. (Healthier means less medical bills, too).This is all starting to sound rather green to me as well. Think about it.

Helping Mothers and Others

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    • David Alan Carter profile image

      David Alan Carter 7 years ago


      You make a lot of good points, and give us all much to think about. Excellent hub. --David