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How to Make Quick Money

Updated on August 13, 2013

Even with the job market picking up we can find ourselves still needing a little money. As it is warming up in the Ohio area it reminds me that yard sales will be starting up soon. A quick buck might be sitting next to you at this moment.

Yard Sale

Now is the time for yard sales. I know in my town a permit for a yard sale is $2. That is not much you will make that back in your first sale. Go through your house find items you don't need or want anymore. Price them at a reasonable price. To make your sale larger can allow some friends to set up shop with you. That way the different items gives more people a reason to stop by.

Your Personal Facebook Page

Now for some the thought of a yard sale means getting permits together and paying out money to make money. Remember with the times of technology you don't have to do that anymore. Last year a couple of friends have shown me just how much time as changed. I can pretty much guarantee that if you have a Facebook account that you have at least 20 or more friends that you actually know on there. This is a great way to sell any items or at least promote yourself. Let's take my friend Jessica for example.

When Jessica got engaged and she decided that she needed to compare her movies to his. Well she found they would end up having duplicates and also found she had movies she no longer wanted nor did he. Jessica fixed that problem by using her trusty Facebook account. She created a note and listed all her movies. She decided to sell hers for $2 a piece you can choose a different price. I wouldn't go over $5 and since they are used movies under $5 would be better. The reason is some of them you can purchase at Wal-Mart for $5 brand new. Back to the topic at hand. All Jessica had to do was post in wait and within no time she had a comment with a friend listing off five movies they would like to buy from her. Let's move on to another example on a way to make some quick money. Within the same day she had all her movies sold.

Hobbies Sold

Have a crafty hobby? Well my friend Chrissy does. She makes jewelery and headbands. She uses Facebook to promote her site to all her friends. When you first start your own business the best people to sell to are your friends. They are FREE marketing. I also have a friend who also crochets and sells her hats, booties, scarfs, etc. She promotes her crafts on Facebook as well. The jewelry part may not be as quick with the money as selling old movies, but there are pages that are like an online rummage sale.

Rummage Sale/ Page

This cost you nothing as well, but you may have to travel or have someone travel to you to pick of the products you are selling. On Facebook people have created pages for their towns and counties where people can post items they have for sale. The person who is making the sale will give details on if the person has to come get it or if they will deliver it.

If you already spending hours online already why not make some quick money.

Buy, Sale, and Trade Shops

I am sure about other towns, but in mine about three of this shops have opened up. They are like pawn shops expect for then take items in there are really letting them good. The most important thing is not to confuse these shops with pawn shops because you will be disappointed later if you want that item back. If your not wanting money, but find items you may like then items you longer want may pay for them. I have yet to visit one of ours, but a lot of people talk highly of them.


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    • Kiwi Max profile image

      Max Zvyagintsev 5 years ago from New Zealand

      Hi Peach,

      Welcome to hubpages!

      A great hub, but I would have liked to see a picture somewhere and titles in bold. Just makes it easier to navigate for the reader.

      Don't stop writing, you're on to a good start!