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Quick Way To Make A Little Extra Cash

Updated on May 30, 2015

Simple Cash

Me and my husband are planning on making a trip down to our home town for Thanksgiving and decided we would like to have a little extra cash to take with us. So, the pondering started. How could we get it? We really didn't want to take out a loan because they can go bad in so many ways. We like how all of our bills pay out and didn't want an extra one to add on top. We thought about throwing a garage sell but lets face it is getting COLD! How many people would really want to come to one this time of year? So, we pondered on the idea a little longer.

While he was at work I started going threw some boxes that I had stored in the closets and laundry room to see if I could find my camera charger because I had been wanting it the other day. I happened to stumble across an E-Book that I had bought for my husband last Christmas and he had never used due to we both love to read and two could not read that at the same time so we decided AFTER I bought it to keep to regular good ol' books. Then I happened to stumble across a gun scope that he had purchased in Afghan that he never used and had already bought a better on to suite his gun. See where this is going?

Throughout all my digging I had came up with odd and end things that we had absolutely NO use for and was just sitting around in boxes taking up space. What did we do? We decided to take all the things I had found and some other stuff and went to the Pawn Shop. We ended up getting more money than we even wanted for our trip! Have to say I was ecstatic that stuff we never used was worth so much and the idea had never crossed my mind to take it to a local Pawn Shop to sell it instead of waiting to hear that someone was in need of it.

So if you are looking for a way to make a little extra cash just look around your house. You could be hoarding a small fortune and not even know it.


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    • profile image

      stessily 6 years ago

      tosha11: This is an excellent idea! Having garage sales doesn't fit into my life, and you're right about it's getting cold so who knows who'll show up for a garage sale? I've only been in a pawn shop once: I was lost and it was the closest place to ask for directions. This idea could definitely work.

    • forexpulse profile image

      forexpulse 6 years ago from Califorrina

      Hey, Wonderful article!