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Quick Ways to Create Permanent One-Way Backlinks for High SERP and Traffic Generation

Updated on June 1, 2011

Increase Your Website’s Visibility and Exposure with Numerous Backlinks

Any proven method of quickly creating numerous backlinks on high PR websites to increase your website’s or blog’s search engine rankings which in turn guarantees more traffic is worth trying. Appearing on the first page of results and more so towards the number one spot can do wonders for your website as traffic can jump from just a few thousands to millions. You know what that means for your website earnings. Search engine spiders use backlinks to index the pages found on your website, thus increasing your SERP and the traffic. Here we have a look at the best ways to increase your websites visibility and exposure:

1. Profile Link Building

High PR community websites like social sites and the rest are on the rise so you can take advantage of them to promote your website or blog. Create complete profile pages on these sites and in addition to your personal details add links that point back to your most relevant websites or blogs. The best way to do this is to use anchor texts based on the SEO keywords on your web pages.

Profile link building is a method that helps you increase backlinks but should be done while adhering to the rules and guidelines of the community websites to avoid getting suspended or completely banned. Creating not more than 3 anchor links is enough and wouldn’t annoy visitors on your profile pages. For your profile link building campaign, select your keywords and then create as many profile pages as possible on different community sites where you create backlinks and include your relevant interests.

2. Link Building Service

Using a link building service can do wonders for your SERP and increase traffic. This involves using the services of a third party to create backlinks for you as you concentrate on making other important strategies for your website. A link building service provides a number of packages with different combinations of strategies and the targeted number of backlinks. Each is priced differently so that you can choose the one that fits to your budget.

Profile link building, blog marketing, directory submissions, rss feed submissions and other effective methods are often used by link building services for the most comprehensive campaigns to promote websites of their clients. They usually inspect your website to confirm the on-page SEO, then plan and execute campaigns to promote your website with backlinks on high PR sites.

The campaign might start with blogs created based on the main keywords from the pages on your websites. Each blog will have anchor links and even more backlinks will be achieved through social bookmarking. Rss feeds for each page on your website can also be created and aggregated with feeds from your blogs before submissions to rss feeds directories are done. Combining these methods can sometimes achieve more than 5,000 backlinks.

3. Get Yahoo Answers

The Yahoo answers community has many users who post questions on all categories so that other expert users can provide answers. You can get yahoo answers to questions within the categories that your websites content falls into, and leave links to your websites as the source of information. If you consistently provide good answers, you will attract more traffic to your website through the backlinks. Yahoo! Answers allows you to earn points and even more points if your answer gets selected as the best. When you achieve 250 points, things become better and you can even include live links in your answers. Your account provides activity information which can be useful to manage and monitor the progress of your campaign.

4. Directory Submission Service

Submitting your website to high PR directories is a powerful method of quickly creating backlinks. A directory submission service offers many packages with different combinations of directory lists according to PR and the number of backlinks targeted. They may offer free of cheap packages for trial before going for the full package. This is a very effective method for increasing the visibility and exposure of your website in order to increase the search engine rankings and traffic to your website. This is a one time method to get permanent one-way backlinks.

A directory submission service ensures that your website is listed in high PR websites under the most relevant categories and subcategories as appropriate. The services might also involve article submissions with a specified number of links. Free emails are often created on behalf of the clients so that detailed submission reports can be sent through to them. A directory submission service can target thousands of high PR directories resulting to numerous backlinks. Using these services may not necessarily cost a lot yet the results of the campaigns can deliver huge traffic to help you make money on your website.

5. Rss Feed Submission

Rss feed submission is a method that can potentially increase your SERP and generate millions of traffic to your website. Each page on your website can have an rss feed created while every related blog may already have one. These rss feeds can be submitted to high PR rss directories under the right categories and subcategories. The rss feeds aggregators can also be utilized to increase the number of backlinks for every submission. All these efforts increase visibility and exposure to your website or blog and the search engines rankings shoot higher. There are numerous rss feed submission services which list for you high PR directories and packages for different number of backlinks. The best will provide detailed reports for all rss feed submissions with every order you make.  


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