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Quick Ways to Earn Money Online

Updated on March 28, 2013

Inspite of the Information overload on the Web there are still quick ways to earn money online.

Yes that's right there are quick ways to earn money online even if most people won't agree with me. I know lots of people who are working online including me have said so many times that making money online isn't easy, it takes time to earn money from your website which is true. From the time you publish your own website there are many things to perform so that your site will rank well in search engine etc.

Things like contents and more seo-optimized contents, all kinds of back-linking and the latest hot cake "social signals." The problem with this one simple word SEO or the other word "back-linking" is that it is one complicated giant. When it comes to back-link there are so many tiny details you need to make sure done correctly otherwise it can do harm than good to your website.

From website building to researching niche, content writing, seo, videos to back-linking, all these take a lot of time until your poor website can earn few bucks a day and if you make mistakes along the way then your website will disappear from the search engine Lol.


So what are the quick ways to earn money online? Here are few of my ideas:

  • Outsource Writing and Technical stuff

This involve money on your part but you can outsource task, that's what most people do - outsource. But it is best if you do your keyword research yourself but if you don't have enough time you can also outsource it. If you build a website blog outsource content writing of highly seo-optimized contents, and other technical stuff that you don't know. This way your website will boom at once because of high quality contents. Back-linking can be accelerated through the use of certain specialized software like the Magic Submitter, Article Marketing Robot etc.

  • Fiverr and Warrior Forum, Reliable Software to automate some task

You can also find some people who can do some back-linking for you at Warrior Forum and Fiverr just make sure they will not spam. Or buy a good software and DIY back-linking instead of other people that way you can control the links you submit. As long as the writing part is taken care of then no doubt you can take care all the back-linking job. If you try to do it all that's when you will lose focus and accomplish nothing. The secret is making sure that you prioritized your activities and see that your time is filled but not overflowing. Once it overflows you need help. Those are just few quick ways to earn money online.

  • One huge Palace is better than 100 tiny huts unless these huts are made of gold

Focus on one website at a time until it earns at least 25 to 50 per day. Whether you're building AdSense niche sites or one big authority site you need to join an affiliate program so you can display or put links of affiliate products on your website, that's the way you earn money from your website right?

  • Remember Blogger, Hubpages and Squidoo if you don't have a website.

Suppose you don't have your own website or cannot afford to purchase one and hosting too, there are quick ways to earn money online even without a website. For this to work, you must be very focused and must know how to write. Join Blogger, Hubpages and Squidoo; they are all free. In Blogger you can write about your niche, research keywords first. You can use Blogger as Adsense site too. Some Affiliate network accepts blogger for your affiliate website.

Then you can write for Hubpages and join Hubpages affiliate program, as well as Amazon, Adsense and E-bay affiliate program. Hubpages will pay you when someone clicks it's ads and Amazon will pay you when someone buy a products from your link. Squidoo is similar to Hubpages the difference is that in Squidoo it is easier to put links to your affiliate offers. The secret in this method is writing and writing more. Use Squidoo and Blogger for a review site and adsense site. If you can write at least 6 articles per day which is 2 article for each site then you'll be okay. Can you write 6 articles per day?

  • PPC Ads - Google Adwords, Bing Ads and Facebook ads

If everything fails and you have about $200 to $300 why not try PPC ads with Google Adswords, Bing Ads or Facebook Ads. In reality this is where the big earners really at. Some people starts with just small amount of money and once they earn they would reinvest it. A Little bit similar to stock market right? But not exactly. The secret here is to MASTER the PPC advertising system mentioned above. Once you master the ins and outs of PPC then you are ready to play.

Let's say you earn 300 commission in one day and your ads expenses cost 125 then you have $175 profits. The scary part here is you have to spend money first for the ads before you can make money. That's why it is very important to have studied and understand everything about PPC. So what's your opinion on the quick ways to earn money online. Add your views in the comment.


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      Ryan 3 years ago

      This is a wonderfully organized post. Making it on your own is a great feeling. The web still has very profitable ways to make money. If anyone's interested, message me at ryguides @ gmail . com and I will share my online money making methods with you to drive targeted traffic and earn some money. Personal finance and success is a passion of mine and I'll be more than happy to help those who are learning.