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Quick and Easy Ways to Save Money with Free Printable Coupons

Updated on March 9, 2011
Free printable coupons for groceries and other household essentials are widely available.
Free printable coupons for groceries and other household essentials are widely available. | Source

Couponing Helps You Save Big

How much do you save each money by using free printable coupons?

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In an economic recession, coupons are your best friend! Couponing is often thought of as a pastime for little old ladies or bored housewives, but it's not nearly as tedious today as it once was.

Thanks to printable coupon sites and forums devoted to helping you make the most of your coupons, you can easily save 20-40% on your shopping trip just by investing 15-30 minutes of your time searching for coupons on the products your family uses. You don't even have to waste your time clipping coupons for 10 or 20 cents off -- many sites have coupons for $1-$3 off products. BOGO coupons or free trial coupons are available sometimes, too! The selection includes free printable coupons for groceries, as well as coupons for cleaning supplies and personal care products.

Find Free Printable Coupns Online

Search for free printable coupons online at:

Facebook is also becoming a very popular source of free printable coupons online. “Like” your favorite manufacturers so you’ll be the first to know when new offers are available.

Couponing Tips for Beginners

Tips for successfully using free printable coupons include:

  • You can't be good at couponing if you are always misplacing your coupons. Invest in a good coupon organizer or make one yourself if you're feeling especially crafty.
  • If the coupon doesn't specify a product size, the smallest possible size is usually the best deal. In fact, many trial sizes are nearly free with your coupon.
  • Combine free printable coupons with store sales. This is the best way to make the most of your coupons since you're essentially taking advantage of two deals at once. You can also check the clearance section of your favorite stores; most places will allow you to use coupons on clearance merchandise
  • Look for stores that let you "stack" coupons. "Stacking" coupons means using one coupon issued by the store and one issued by the product manufacturer. Target is one example of a store that will do this with your free printable coupons.
  • Always check your receipts. Studies have shown that most stores overcharge shoppers 10-20% of the time. Check your receipt before you leave to make sure all items rang up correctly and that all your free printable coupon savings were applied.
  • Don't assume that the store clerk is adequately informed on policies regarding couponing. Keep a copy of the store's coupon policy, which is generally available online, in your purse in case you run into trouble redeeming your free printable coupons for groceries or other items.


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