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Quotes About Money and the Economy, or He Madoff With My Money

Updated on February 6, 2009

Ponzi wasn't a character on "Happy Days"

Money can’t buy you happiness but it does bring you a more pleasant form of misery. — Spike Milligan

The hardest thing in the world to understand is income tax. — Albert Einstein

I’ve been rich and I’ve been poor: Rich is better. — Sophie Tucker

When you’ve got them by their wallets, their hearts and minds will follow. — Fern Naito

The only reason I made a commercial for American Express was to pay for my American Express bill. — Peter Ustinov

What’s the use of happiness? It can’t buy you money. — Henny Youngman

Money can’t buy friends, but you can get a better class of enemy. — Spike Milligan

We didn’t actually overspend our budget. The allocation simply fell short of our expenditure. — Keith Davis

To make a million, start with $900,000. — Morton Shulman

A bargain is something you can’t use at a price you can’t resist. — Franklin Jones

I told the Inland Revenue I didn’t owe them a penny because I lived near the seaside. — Ken Dodd

When I was young I used to think that money was the most important thing in life and now that I am old, I know it is.” — Oscar Wilde

It isn’t necessary to be rich and famous to be happy, it’s only necessary to be rich. — Alan Alda

A bank is a place that will lend you money if you prove that you don’t need it. — Bob Hope

Money isn’t everything but it sure keeps you in touch with your children. — J. Paul Getty

Whoever said money can’t buy happiness simply didn’t know where shop. — Bo Derek

Money is better than poverty, if only for financial reasons. — Woody Allen

My formula for success is rise early, work late and strike oil. — J.P. Getty

Every morning I get up and look through the Forbes list of the richest people in America. If I’m not there, I go to work. — Robert Orben

I’m spending a year dead for tax reasons. — Douglas Adams

I have never been in a situation where having money made it worse. — Clinton Jones

Part of the $10 million I spent on gambling, part on booze and part on women. The rest I spent foolishly. — George Raft

October: This is one of the particularly dangerous months to invest in stocks. Other dangerous months are July, January, September, April, November, May, March, June, December, August and February. — Mark Twain

It is only by not paying ones bills that one can hope to live in the memory of the commercial classes. — Oscar Wilde

If God only gave me a clear sign, like making a large deposit in my name at a Swiss bank. — Woody Allen

Money is something you have to make in case you don’t die. — Max Asnas

It’s morally wrong to allow a sucker to keep his money. — WC Fields

I wish that dear Karl could have spent more time acquiring capital instead of merely writing about it. — Jenny Marx

There are three ways of losing money: racing is the quickest, women the most pleasant, and farming the most certain. — Lord Amherst

Undermine the entire economic structure of society by leaving the pay toilet door ajar so the next person can get in free. — Taylor Meade

One of the strange things about life is that the poor, who need money the most, are the very ones that never have it. — Finley Peter Dunne

The big difference between sex for money and sex for free is that sex for money costs less. — Brendon Francis

If you owe the bank $100 that’s your problem. If you owe the bank $100 million, that’s the bank’s problem. — J.P. Getty

Money isn’t everything, but it’s a long way ahead of what comes next. — Edmund Stockdale

Women prefer men who have something tender about them - especially legal tender. — Kay Ingram

Finance is the art of passing currency from hand to hand until it finally disappears. — Robert W. Sarnoff

No matter how rich you become, how famous or powerful, when you die the size of your funeral will still pretty much depend on the weather. — Michael Pritchard

Alexander Hamilton originated the put and take system in our national treasury: the taxpayers put it in, and the politicians take it out. — Will Rogers

Money is the opposite of the weather. Nobody talks about it, but everybody does something about it. — Rebecca Johnson

You can’t buy love, but you can pay heavily for it — Henny Youngman

Why is there so much month left at the end of the money? — John Barrymore

When a person with money meets a person with experience, the person with the experience winds up with the money and the person with the money winds up with the experience. — Harvey MacKay

The only thing money gives you is the freedom of not worrying about money. — Johnny Carson

Be glad that you’re greedy; the national economy would collapse if you weren’t. — Mignon McLaughlin

A lot of people become pessimists from financing optimists. — C.T. Jones

If you think nobody cares if you’re alive, try missing a couple of car payments. — Earl Wilson

Don’t marry for money. You can borrow it cheaper. — Scottish proverb

Money can’t buy happiness; it can, however, rent it. — Author unknown

You never realize how short a month is until you pay alimony. — John Barrymore

I don’t like money, actually, but it quiets my nerves. — Joe Louis

Nothing more clearly show how little God esteems his gift to men of wealth, money, position and other wordly goods, than the way he distributes these, and the sort of men who are most amply provided with them. — Jean de la Bruyere

A bank is a place where they lend you an umbrella in fair weather and ask for it back when it rains. — Robert Frost

It is in the character of very few men to honor without envy a friend who has prospered. — Aeschylus

Acquaintance: A person whom we know well enough to borrow from, but not well enough to lend to. — Ambrose Bierce

Honesty is the best policy — when there is money in it. — Mark Twain

Contentment makes poor men rich; discontentment makes rich men poor. — Benjamin Franklin

The greatest luxury of riches is that they enable you to escape so much good advice. — Arthur Helps

I love to go to Washington, if only to be nearer my money. — Bob Hope

Everyone should have enough money to get plastic surgery. — Beverly Johnson

If hard work were such a wonderful thing, surely the rich would have kept it all to themselves. — Lane Kirkland

Don’t stay in bed, unless you can make money in bed. — George Burns

Wealth is any income that is at least one hundred dollars a year more than the income of one’s wife’s sister’s husband. — H.L. Mencken

It isn’t enough for you to love money; it’s also necessary that money should love you. — Kin Hubbard

When a man’s stomach is full it makes no difference whether he is rich or poor. — Euripides

It is better to spend money like there’s no tomorrow than to spend tonight like there’s no money. — P.J. O’Rourke

It’s amazing how fast later comes when you buy now! — Milton Berle

No one would remember the Good Samaritan if he’d only had good intentions. He had money, too. — Margaret Thatcher

The only time to buy these is on a day with no ‘y’ in it. (regarding junk bonds) — Warren Buffett

I’m as poor as a church mouse, that’s just had an enormous tax bill on the very day his wife ran off with another mouse, taking all the cheese. — Rowan Atkinson

Someone stole all my credit cards, but I won’t be reporting it. The thief spends less than my wife did. — Henny Youngman

When people ask me if I have any spare change, I tell them I have it at home in my spare wallet. — Nick Arnette

Never invest in anything that eats or needs repairing. — Billy Rose

Ever wonder about those people who spend $2 apiece on those little bottles of Evian water? Try spelling Evian backward. — George Carlin

Pound notes are the best religion in the world. — Brendan Behan

I spent a lot of money on booze, birds, and fast cars. The rest I just squandered. — George Best

Ever notice how it’s a penny for your thoughts, yet you put in your two cents? Someone is making a penny on the deal! — Stephen Wright

When its a question of money, everybody is of the same religion. — Voltaire

There’s no reason to be the richest man in the cemetery. You can’t do any business from there. — Colonel Harlan Sanders

I have always said that if I were a rich man, I would employ a professional praiser. — Osbert Sitwell

Poets, we know, are terribly sensitive people, and in my observation one of the things they are most sensitive about is money. — Robert Penn Warren

I finally know what distinguishes man from other beasts: financial worries. — Jules Renard

I cannot afford to waste my time making money. — Louis Agassiz

There were times my pants were so thin I could sit on a dime and tell if it was heads or tails. — Spencer Tracy

I’m so naive about finances. Once when my mother mentioned an amount and I realized I didn’t understand, she had to explain: ‘That’s like three Mercedes.’ Then I understood. — Brooke Shields

The meek shall inherit the earth, but not the mineral rights. — J.P. Getty

Somebody said to me, ‘But the Beatles were anti-materialistic.’ That’s a huge myth. John and I literally used to sit down and say, ‘Now, let’s write a swimming pool.’ — Paul McCartney

There is nothing fundamentally wrong with America’s cities that money can’t cure. — Carl B. Stokes

I have enough money to last me the rest of my life, unless I buy something. — Jackie Mason

Economists report that a college education adds many thousands of dollars to a man’s lifetime income - which he then spends sending his son to college. — Bill Vaughn

Money costs too much. — Ross MacDonald

If you see a bandwagon, it’s too late. — James Goldsmith

The most popular labor-saving device is still money. — Phyllis George

If all the rich people in the world divided up their money among themselves, there wouldn’t be enough to go around. — Christina Stead

I made my money the old fashioned way. I was very nice to a wealthy relative right before he died. — Malcolm Forbes

Love lasteth as long as the money endureth. — William Caxton

Our incomes are like our shoes; if too small, they gall and pinch us; but if too large, they cause us to stumble and to trip. — John Locke

I don’t mind going back to daylight saving time. With inflation, the hour will be the only thing I’ve saved all year. — Victor Borge

He that is of the opinion money will do everything may well be suspected of doing everything for money. — Benjamin Franklin

Money won’t buy happiness, but it will pay the salaries of a large research staff to study the problem. — Bill Vaughn

Annual income twenty pounds, annual expenditure nineteen ninety six (£19.96), result happiness. Annual income twenty pounds, annual expenditure twenty pounds ought and six (£20.06), result misery. — Charles Dickens

A creative economy is the fuel of magnificence. — Ralph Waldo Emerson

Craig Ferguson - Money and Politics

"Money" - Liza Minnelli, Joel Grey

"Money Money Money" by ABBA

"The Money Song" by Monty Python

"Money" by The Beatles

"Brother, Can You Spare a Dime" perfomed by Al Jolson

Late Show - Bernie Madoff Apology Request

Remember E.F. Hutton? I Guess We Now Know What The E.F. Stood For... Extortion and Fraud.

“An economy hampered by restrictive tax rates will never produce enough revenue to balance our budget, just as it will never produce enough jobs or enough profits” -- John F. Kennedy

To be controlled in our economic pursuits means to be controlled in everything. -- Friedrich August Hayek

In war, the stronger overcomes the weaker. In business, the stronger imparts strength to the weaker. -- Frederic BastiatThe "private sector" of the economy is, in fact, the voluntary sector; and...the "public sector" is, in fact, the coercive sector. -- Henry Hazlitt

If you put the federal government in charge of the Sahara Desert, in 5 years there'd be a shortage of sand. -- Milton Friedman

The common man is the sovereign consumer whose buying or abstention from buying ultimately determines what should be produced and in what quantity and quality. -- Ludwig von Mises

The natural effort of every individual to better his own condition is so powerful that it is alone, and without any assistance, not only capable of carrying on the society to wealth and prosperity, but of surmounting a hundred impertinent obstructions with which the folly of human laws too often encumbers its operations. -- Adam Smith

There are 101,100, 000,000 stars in the galaxy. That used to be a huge number. But it's only a hundred billion. It's less than the national deficit! We used to call them astronomical numbers. Now we should call them economical numbers. -- Richard Feynman

What is called "orthodox" economics is in most countries barred from the universities and is virtually unknown to the leading statesmen, politicians, and writers. The blame for the unsatisfactory state of economic affairs can certainly not be placed upon a science which both rulers and masses despise and ignore. -- Ludwig von Mises, Human Action

, however, place economy among the first and most important republican virtues, and public debt as the greatest of the dangers to be feared. -- Thomas Jefferson

Don't knock the rich. When did a poor person ever give you a job? -- Dr. Laurence J. Peter

Foreign aid might be defined as a transfer from poor people in rich countries to rich people in poor countries. -- Douglas Casey (1992)

Don't go around saying the world owes you a living. The world owes you nothing. It was here first. -- Mark Twain

Property must be secured or liberty cannot exist. -- John Adams

Never appeal to a man's 'better nature.' He may not have one. Invoking his self-interest gives you more leverage. -- Robert A. Heinlein, The Notebooks of Lazarus Long

When a government takes over a people's economic life it becomes absolute, and when it has become absolute it destroys the arts, the minds, the liberties and the meaning of the people it governs. -- Maxwell Anderson

It is impossible to introduce into society a greater change and a greater evil than this: the conversion of the law into an instrument of plunder. -- Frederic Bastiat

The budget should be balanced, the Treasury should be refilled, public debt should be reduced, the arrogance of officialdom should be tempered and controlled, and the assistance to foreign lands should be curtailed lest Rome become bankrupt. People must again learn to work, instead of living on public assistance. -- Marcus Tullius Cicero

Money, which represents the prose of life, and which is hardly spoken of in parlors without an apology, is, in its effects and laws, as beautiful as roses. -- Ralph Waldo Emerson

The government deficit is the difference between the amount of money the government spends and the amount it has the nerve to collect. - Sam Ewing

I’ve never believed in lower wages. Never. Never believed in lower wages, I’ve never believed in lower wages as an economic instrument. -- John Howard

The way to crush the bourgeoisie is to grind them between the millstones of taxation and inflation. -- Vladimir Ilyich Lenin

Economic ignorance is the breeding ground of totalitarianism. -- John Jewkes, British Economist

The tax on capital gains directly affects investment decisions, the mobility and flow of risk capital... the ease or difficulty experienced by new ventures in obtaining capital, and thereby the strength and potential for growth in the economy. --John F. Kennedy

Debt, n. An ingenious substitute for the chain and whip of the slavedriver. -- Ambrose Bierce, The Devil's Dictionary

The history of all countries shows that the working class exclusively by its own effort is able to develop only trade-union consciousness. -- Vladimir Lenin

People do not understand what a great revenue economy is. -- Marcus Tullius Cicero

“Politicians are like diapers. They both need changing regularly and for the same reason.” -- Anonymous

Then you’ll see this man or woman— someone, I always think, who looks very happy to be on TV. “Well, Charlie,” they say, “I’ve gone back and forth on the issues and whatnot, but I just can’t seem to make up my mind!” Some insist that there’s very little difference between candidate A and candidate B. Others claim that they’re with A on defense and health care but are leaning toward B when it comes to the economy. -- David Sedaris

If you think nobody cares if you're alive, try missing a couple of car payments. -- Earl Wilson

Saying we are in a slow recovery, not a recession, is like saying we don't have any unemployed, we just have a lot of people who are really late for work. -- Jay Leno

Here's another sign the economy isn't doing well: plastic surgeries down 12% this year. That's what they mean when they say the economy could get ugly. -- Jay Leno

"Republicans believe every day is 4th of July, but Democrats believe every day is April 15." -- Ronald Reagan

"I am not worried about the deficit. It is big enough to take care of itself." -- Ronald Reagan

"Recession is when your neighbor loses his job. Depression is when you lose yours. And recovery is when Jimmy Carter loses his." -- Ronald Reagan

The problem with the French is that they don't have a word for entrepreneur. -- George W. Bush, discussing decline of French economy with British Prime Minister Tony Blair

I firmly believe the death tax is good for people from all walks of life all throughout our society. -- George W. Bush

“I don’t know if I can live on my income or not - the government won’t let me try it. ” -- Bob Thaves

"Budget: a mathematical confirmation of your suspicions.” -- A.A. Latimer

“Economy is a savings-bank, into which men drop pennies, and get dollars in return.” -- Josh Billings

“It isn’t so much that hard times are coming; the change observed is mostly soft times going. ” -- Groucho Marx

“If you think nobody cares if you’re alive, try missing a couple of car payments.” -- Earl Wilson

“The whole of the global economy is based on supplying the cravings of teo per cent of the world’s population.” -- Bill Bryson

“Inflation is taxation without legislation.” -- Milton Friedman

“I’ve got to be careful I don’t overcheerlead on this economy” --George Bush

“Bankruptcy stared me in the face, but one thought kept me calm; soon I’d be too poor to need an anti-theft alarm.” -- Gina Rothfels

“Money doesn’t talk, it swears.” -- Bob Dylan

“The whole of the global economy is based on supplying the cravings of two per cent of the world’s population.” -- Bill Bryson

“He who does not economize will have to agonize.” -- Confucius

“In art economy is always beauty.” -- Henry James

“Politicians say they’re beefing up our economy. Most don’t know beef from pork.” -- Harold Lowman

“The gap in our economy is between what we have and what we think we ought to have - and that is a moral problem, not an economic one.” -- Paul Heyne

“If all the economists were laid end to end, they’d never reach a conclusion. ” --- George Bernard Shaw

“President Bush said it’s now time for a change in Iraq and he wants them to have a Western-style democracy like ours. So right now in Iraq, the economy is collapsing, businessmen are corrupt, and Hussein wants his son to take over as president. Sounds like mission accomplished.” -- Jay Leno

“The safe way to double your money is to fold it over once and put it in your pocket.” --Frank Hubbard

“If the terriers and bariffs are torn down, this economy will grow.” --George W. Bush

“Money is better than poverty, if only for financial reasons.” -- Woody Allen

“Oh, for the good old days when people would stop Christmas shopping when they ran out of money. ” -- Author Unknown, because now we max out out card and then use the next credit card

“Forgiveness is the economy of the heart… forgiveness saves the expense of anger, the cost of hatred, the waste of spirits.” -- Hannah Moore

The things that will destroy America are prosperity-at-any-price, peace-at-any-price, safety-first instead of duty-first, the love of soft living, and the get-rich-quick theory of life. -- Theodore Roosevelt




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  • AllSuretyBonds profile image


    7 years ago

    Great Hub. This is a funny list. Enjoyed reading. Voted you up!

  • St.James profile imageAUTHOR


    9 years ago from Lurking Around Florida

    Thanks Moxie

  • Moxie Trader profile image

    Michael Fox 

    9 years ago

    I've always loved that Woody Allen qoute, "Money is better than poverty, if only for financial reasons.”

  • St.James profile imageAUTHOR


    9 years ago from Lurking Around Florida

    Pafipe thanks for the quote! Much appreciated.

  • profile image


    9 years ago

    Maybe you'll like this one:

    "Money's not everything... Neither is Oxygen"

    Author Unknown

  • St.James profile imageAUTHOR


    9 years ago from Lurking Around Florida

    Thank you..I tired to make light of something serious

  • linjingjing profile image


    9 years ago

    Quotes About Money and the Economy or Its a Mad Mad Madoff World After All

    Good article

  • St.James profile imageAUTHOR


    9 years ago from Lurking Around Florida

    Thank you Tom, it was a fun request. I couldn't have missed doing quotes for such a topical time in the financial world.

  • Tom Rubenoff profile image

    Tom Rubenoff 

    9 years ago from United States

    Thank you for answering my request so completely and fully!

  • k@ri profile image

    Kari Poulsen 

    9 years ago from Ohio

    I really enjoyed this! Did you see that you need to have a net worth of 1.3 billion to be on the Forbes 400 list? I find it much is 1.3 billion? Do we really need a dollar for almost every star in the galaxy?

  • BrianS profile image

    Brian Stephens 

    9 years ago from Castelnaudary, France

    Didn't have time to read them all but I did read some great ones. One I loved and didn't see was 'I want my last ever cheque to bounce'. Sorry can't remember the author but loved the sentiment, you have probably got it in here anyway.

  • mulberry1 profile image

    Christine Mulberry 

    9 years ago

    Really enjoyed reading through these quotes!

  • moonlake profile image


    9 years ago from America

    Great hub really enjoyed it. Thanks for becoming my fan.

  • foxility profile image


    9 years ago

    That was fantastic.

  • Tom Cornett profile image

    Tom Cornett 

    9 years ago from Ohio

    Tons of smiles, Thanks!

  • profile image

    Catherina Severin 

    9 years ago

    Bookmarked right away... great collection of quotes & videos on money... thanks xx


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