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My READY Prepaid Debit Visa Card - Activate

Updated on December 27, 2012

Get Ready for the ReadyDebit Card

Huge banks take billions of money from their customers every year year in checking account overdrafts and lots of fees. Readydebit Card is designed to help eliminate those fees. Getting the Ready Debit and Visa prepaid card will save you time and money. You will get a Better Deal for you money because the Ready financial team is committed to getting their customers better deals on their banking products. If you sign up for their direct deposit with ReadyDebit Select you get Free Online Bill pay, Free check writing and you get access to over 1 million ATM machines with no overdraft fees ever!

Plus you will not have to worry about additional fees for making purchases and also checking you balance, most other prepaid debit cards have those charges. Those fees can really add up so if might be a good deal to consider signing up and start getting a better deal. Everybody is 100% approved and its guaranteed. If you get turned away or rejected by banks you can still get a ReadyDebit card. They have no credit checks or use chexsystems checks so no worry. Their only requirement is that they can validate the information you provide to them when you open an account. you can apply online and instantly your application will me completed it is fast and easy.

The mission of the Ready Debit Card is to help you make the most of your money. To do this the Ready Debit Card team has developed financial tools to help you plan your spending and keeping track of your purchases. Show you how to set aside more money for important events in your future like college, getting a home or even for your retirement. The Ready Debit Card management team has worked together since 2001 and have been creating innovative and very affordable credit and prepaid card solutions for over a million people. They are located in Boise, Idaho and say they are welcome to your comments and suggestions. So you may contact them any time at

Readydebit Prepaid Visa Card

Readydebit Prepaid Visa Blue
Readydebit Prepaid Visa Blue | Source
Readydebit Prepaid Visa Pink
Readydebit Prepaid Visa Pink | Source
Ready Card Check into card
Ready Card Check into card | Source
Visa Ready Link
Visa Ready Link | Source
Ready Card Alerts to email or mobile phone
Ready Card Alerts to email or mobile phone | Source

ReadyCARD Visa Prepaid Card

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    • profile image

      Patricia 21 months ago

      I can't seem to find a Ready Debit " on line"

      Web page that works. They ALL say "Web page unavailable ". What's going on? I have even downloaded foxfire, no help...

    • profile image 2 years ago

      I forgot my pen to my previous prepaid card what should I do

    • profile image

      oscar villar miranda 2 years ago

      hello need the active the credit card for email ok is me not used the phone for pain end may heat ok need urgent

    • profile image

      alma 3 years ago

      I used my ready debit card the same day,cause the lady said so. but I found out that I was scamed. lost my money how can I retrieve the lose? I used it to renew the anti virus system. how terrible ........ any suggestions? thank you for your time

    • profile image

      sam brading 3 years ago

      Im trying to activate my ready debit platinum card,the automated system keeps asking for my pin.i don't have a pin yet,for i have not gotten card activated

    • kia31 profile image

      kia31 5 years ago from Los Angles

      It usually the day you set up your ready card for direct deposit it takes time for your institute to authorize it and should be happen real fast then. To Activate your ready card you should be able to do it online or call ready card customer service.

    • profile image

      1st LADY 5 years ago

      can some/anyone tell me how to activated my ready card or do i need to get a netspand card

    • profile image

      gwendolyn bender 5 years ago

      How long an direct deposit go on an card?

    • profile image

      rance childs 5 years ago

      I was curious to see if my card had already been activated?

    • profile image

      irene duke 5 years ago

      will my social security check be deposited on to my ready card on march 28

    • profile image

      maria a knipper 6 years ago

      hi iam trying to fine out if my card is activate can you pleass tell me that now thank you for your time today