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Recycled Crafts- Home Decor made Easy and Cheap!

Updated on February 2, 2013

How mommy saves money!

For anyone who has read my previous blogs, you already know that I am a self proclaimed "cheapskate" and the definition of a "hoader" as stated by my husband. I am not necessarily a hippie nor as Eco-concious as I should be.....I am just CHEAP!

For the majority of my adult life I have worked a very demanding upper management job.This career has kept me from home and my work-at-home husband in charge of all of the housework, home management, and the 4 growing children. He was great at juggling his work and our family. Our Clothes were always clean and the children fed but the decorating of our new home was put on the back-burner. With the news of baby number 5, I knew that something had to change with my schedule. I took a leap and started a work from home recruiting business and was able to now spend time with my family. After a few months, I realized that I also needed to spend time with my walls.

After wandering the aisles at home decor stores, I realized that the money involved in decorating was ridiculous. Not to mention that my style is a bit eclectic so finding those funky and edgy items on a budget wasn't as easy as I thought. What was a cheapskate to do? The only thing I knew to do..hit the attic and start searching!

I don't have many skills for the building side of craft making nor the patience side of perfection but I do enjoy seeing what I come up with. Here are a few of my recent ideas!


My home was in pretty bad shape when we purchased it. The bones were great but it hadn't been updated since the 50's. We pulled back some pretty dismal carpet and found unfinished hardwoods, painted walls, scraped ceilings, and sadly had to demolish 2 beautiful built-in cabinets that had been left to rot. The window doors were beautiful and I just couldn't throw them away!!! Add in some white paint---and they became wall decorations in my daughter's room! We took the molding from the top of the built-in as well as placed it in the middle of my new "purse-hangar". The flower details are just peel and stick wall designs from the dollar store!


My boys LOVE Mario and Luigi but not necessarily wearing them on their shirts! The shirts were given to them as gifts and quickly tossed aside. When we began putting together their Video Game Themed Room I grabbed some extra frames (again from the Dollar Store) and placed the t-shirts in them and cut the excess away!


Again another gift that I simply didn't have room for in my kitchen. I hung it in the bathroom and rolled up the towels. Not rocket science but FREE!

Who knows how long I will keep these on the walls! I change decor pretty often now BUT it is better to reuse what is thought of as trash and spend no money rather than to purchase expensive decorations and be unable to change them due to my cheap-ness.

I look around at my recycled crafts hanging in my home and I quickly realize how backwards I am or how backwards some people in society are these days. I hear people bragging about how much they spend on items, what designer they purchased, or how much they paid to have someone else make their home gorgeous. In my family....we brag about how much money we saved, how much time we spent TOGETHER making projects, and how many smiles we had together when we realized how great or how silly our creation turned out!

I can't wait to share my next project----I had an old ceiling fan that I removed. It is from the 70's and has a cute (so ugly its cute) wicker inlay in the blades. I removed the hardware and am going to place them on the wall in a circular pattern with a circular mirror in the center (think a 70's inspired flower). I think it will be a great addition to my retro-feel bedroom. They are already white and my walls are chocolate brown....I am so excited to get these hung! The only reason that they aren't done is because with this project...there is going to be some measuring involved which means my dad should come over and help!

Enjoy recycling, reinventing, and Creating!


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